Match Report

It was the clash of the top two in Div 1 this week and Parkwood showed why they are top of the league with a 8-2 defeat of visiting Howard 3. Before this match Howard were on a 10 game unbeaten run streching back to the opening fixture but couldn't match Parkwood on the night. Only Howard's captain Alex Clarke was able to get on the scoresheet in the 4th singles of the evening with a fine victory over Dave Hopkins but teammates john Kane and Del Bartholomew unusually both went home empty handed as Ross Childs and Vince Spicer got maximums. Kane did lose 2 games in the deciding leg but had the slight consolation of pairing up with Clarke to take the Doubles for what could be an important 2nd point. Parkwood have now won 11 of the 13 matches and have a 17 point lead at the half way stage of the season.
Written by:Barry Roles
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