Unfortunately every year there are some costs that have to be taken care of for playing table tennis. The costs are very small compared to other sports, eg playing golf. The biggest bugbear is the job of keeping track of what should be paid and who has paid what. Captains play an essential part in this and are required to collect fees on behalf of all their players and make sure all the various sums are paid.

What are the fees that have to be paid?

There are three components of costs that have to be paid - all are often referred to together loosely as fees.

1. League Fees to MCTTL  (2017 £7pp)

MCTTL does ALL of the organising and administration of the league. We cover all costs of running the league but have a policy of keeping costs to a minimum. We currently charge a league fee of £5.00 a head for all players (incl. Juniors). At the end of the year the committee is usually in a position to subsidise the Finals night buffet from any surplus remaining in the budget.

2. Table Tennis England (TTE Fees sometimes referred to as Individual Membership)  (Individual Membership 2017 £14pp)

TTE has for several seasons now required all people playing competitive table tennis to register for TTE individual membership. All members are encouraged to hold TTE individual membership. This is may be taken out and paid for directly by each member on the TTE website or members can pay through the league and forward their fee through their captain. Players only need to register once and some players playing in two or more leagues may have paid through one of their other leagues.

3. Venue Costs

Each team has to use a venue to host their home matches and there is a cost associated with this which has to be paid. The normal model for paying this is that captains collect a contribution from each player at the same time as the fees above. Costs and method of payment are different for each venue but it is the responsibility of each captain to ensure that this is paid.

1 & 2 (unless paid direct or through another league) are sent through MCTTL. 3 (Venue costs) may be paid individually or collected by the captain (different for each venue).

MCTTL fees collection

MCTTL collects two components of fees

1. MCTTL fees,
2. TTE fees for all players that have not paid TTE directly or through another league

The two amounts above should be collected by the captain and one cheque (with the team name written on the back) made payable to MCTTL for the whole amount sent on to the treasurer:

Bob Barton

27 Carisbrook Drive



How is the amount to be paid to MCTTL determined?

Every year when captains confirm their team through the team registration form on the website, they are asked to confirm whether players are registering for TTE through the league or not.

Based on this declaration the amount that each captain should send on to Bob Barton is shown after each players name on the team lists (averages pages on the league results pages on the website) and totalled for the team at the bottom.

If Captains need to make any adjustments in these lists they should seek amendments by email before sending on their cheques to Bob Barton that should always agree with total on the list.

Example below, detailing £60 due from team HUT:


When does this have to be paid?

The TTE registration system is still evolving and can make problems for players playing in one league that have registered through another.

The TTE requires all payments by 30th Sept in each year so all payments to MCTTL should be settled in advance of this date.

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