Mike Johns Memorial Handicap Knock Out 2018-2019

How to calculate the starting scores

Mid Cheshire Bandings

When are the next games due to be played?

The semi-finals will be played on Monday 25th March at Lostock, with the Final being played on Wednesday 27th March at Winnington Park. If any of the teams involved have a problem with this, please contact Russ Joynson.

(nb table revised to give equal handicap between all bands ) 

General Rules of the MJMHKO

  1. Teams will consist of 3 players playing each other once and no doubles.
  2. Sets will consist of best of 3 games upto 21pts, 5 serves each, if 20-20 then 2 clear pts.
  3. Each winning set counts as 1pt, therefore with 9 sets there must be a winning result ie 5-4
  4. Use the normal scorecards to mark down the results and leave the 4th, 5th and doubles boxes blank
  5. Please submit the final result on a MJHKO tab of online scorecard   

To use the table (above):

  • Read down the column for the weaker player and find the row for the stronger player
  • then read off the number of points  that the weaker player starts from ie band 7 v band 4 the player on band 7 starts on 6pts.  
  • alternatively check there should be 2pts for every band difference ie band 7 v band 4, 7- 4 = 3, 3 x 2 = 6, band 7 starts on 6 pts 


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