First Week - 6 to 10 March

Mid League tables after split 1 001


                                  Middlesbrough & District Table Tennis League 2016-2017

Revised team numbers following the first round of Fixtures :-

Division One 

1A Swerve A

2A Swerve B

3A Ormesby B

4A Beaumont Nomads A

5A Ormesby A

6A Ormesby C


1B Nunthorpe A

2B Swerve C

3B Beaumont Nomads B

4B Ormesby D

5B East Cleveland B

6B East Cleveland A


 Division Two 

1A Nunthorpe B

2A Beaumont Nomads C

3A Ormesby F

4A Swerve D

5A Nunthorpe C

6A Swerve E

7A Ormesby G


1B Ormesby H Pirates

2B Ormesby k

3B Ormesby i

4B Ormesby E

5B Ormesby J Wheelers

6B Ormesby l

The fixtures continue from 6th March as set out in the Handbook. Please confirm the coming week’s fixture with your opponents.

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