One Off
Ramblers v Titans
Insufferables v Fission
Woverines v A And E
Scavengers v Tc
Outlaws v Racketeers
Tornadoes v Dragons
Ultraviolets v Ramblers
Scorpions v Jog
Dragons v Outlaws
Woodpeckers v Spitfires
Tc v Spartans
Racketeers v Ilsley
Jeffernauts v Eagles
Titans v Lions
Cobras v Woverines
Wildcats v Scavengers
A And E v Insufferables
Fission v Choppers
Dynamos v Tornadoes
Ta v Badgers
Jog v Titans
Lions v Ultraviolets
Ilsley v Dragons
Eagles v Scorpions
Spartans v Scavengers
Choppers v A And E
Racketeers v Hawks
Ramblers v Badgers
Jeffernauts v Ta
Insufferables v Cobras
Woverines v Tc
Fission v Wildcats
Outlaws v Dynamos
Tornadoes v Woodpeckers
Scorpions v Jeffernauts
Ultraviolets v Jog
Hawks v Spitfires
Dragons v Racketeers
Woodpeckers v Outlaws
Badgers v Lions
Tc v Insufferables
Titans v Eagles
Cobras v Choppers
Wildcats v Spartans
A And E v Fission
Scavengers v Woverines
Dynamos v Ilsley
Ta v Ramblers
Ultraviolets v Eagles
Spitfires v Tornadoes
Hawks v Dragons
Spartans v Woverines
Woodpeckers v Ilsley
Badgers v Jog
Tc v Choppers
Ramblers v Lions
Titans v Jeffernauts
Cobras v Fission
Wildcats v A And E
Scavengers v Insufferables
Dynamos v Racketeers
Ta v Scorpions
Reading Handicap
Scorpions v Titans
Jog v Ramblers
Lions v Ta
Eagles v Badgers
Dragons v Dynamos
Choppers v Scavengers
Racketeers v Woodpeckers
Jeffernauts v Ultraviolets
Insufferables v Spartans
Woverines v Wildcats
A And E v Cobras
Fission v Tc
Outlaws v Spitfires
Tornadoes v Hawks
Lions v Jog
Ultraviolets v Scorpions
Spitfires v Ilsley
Spartans v Choppers
Woodpeckers v Dragons
Badgers v Jeffernauts
Tc v A And E
Titans v Ta
Ramblers v Eagles
Cobras v Wildcats
Scavengers v Fission
Woverines v Insufferables
Dynamos v Hawks
Tornadoes v Outlaws
Scorpions v Badgers
Ilsley v Tornadoes
Hawks v Outlaws
Eagles v Lions
Choppers v Woverines
Racketeers v Spitfires
Titans v Ultraviolets
Jeffernauts v Ramblers
Cobras v Tc
Wildcats v Insufferables
A And E v Scavengers
Fission v Spartans
Dynamos v Woodpeckers
Ta v Jog
Jog v Eagles
Lions v Jeffernauts
Ultraviolets v Ta
Spitfires v Dragons
Spartans v A And E
Woodpeckers v Hawks
Badgers v Titans
Tc v Wildcats
Ramblers v Scorpions
Scavengers v Cobras
Insufferables v Choppers
Woverines v Fission
Outlaws v Ilsley
Tornadoes v Racketeers
Reading Sen and Vets
NDTTA Quiz Night
Reading Juniors
Scorpions v Lions
Ultraviolets v Badgers
Hawks v Ilsley
Dragons v Tornadoes
Tc v Scavengers
Racketeers v Outlaws
Titans v Ramblers
Jeffernauts v Jog
Cobras v Spartans
Wildcats v Choppers
A And E v Woverines
Fission v Insufferables
Dynamos v Spitfires
Ta v Eagles
Jog v Scorpions
Lions v Titans
Ilsley v Racketeers
Spitfires v Woodpeckers
Eagles v Jeffernauts
Spartans v Tc
Badgers v Ta
Choppers v Fission
Ramblers v Ultraviolets
Insufferables v A And E
Woverines v Cobras
Scavengers v Wildcats
Outlaws v Dragons
Tornadoes v Dynamos
Newbury Closed
Scorpions v Eagles
Ultraviolets v Lions
Hawks v Racketeers
Dragons v Ilsley
Woodpeckers v Tornadoes
Badgers v Ramblers
Tc v Woverines
Titans v Jog
Cobras v Insufferables
Wildcats v Fission
A And E v Choppers
Scavengers v Spartans
Dynamos v Outlaws
Ta v Jeffernauts
NDTTA Closed Finals
Jog v Ultraviolets
Lions v Badgers
Ilsley v Dynamos
Spitfires v Hawks
Eagles v Titans
Spartans v Wildcats
Choppers v Cobras
Racketeers v Dragons
Ramblers v Ta
Jeffernauts v Scorpions
Insufferables v Tc
Woverines v Scavengers
Fission v A And E
Outlaws v Woodpeckers