Brightwalton Fete Table Tennis
The event will run from 2 - 4pm  on Ist May and is to raise funds for the village hall as well as raise the profile of table tennis in the area. 

  We will divide the time into two fun sessions.  During the first half, we will have the robot set up and invite people to have a go at returning balls to knock down as many targets as possible in a set time.  We will have a leaderboard displayed with the latest top scores.  During the second half, we will invite pairs of people to have a go at hitting as many shots as possible rallying with each other in one minute, measuring themselves against the world record.  We will have a video of the world record on display so that people can see how it is done.  Again, we will keep a leaderboard displayed.  Ian Wu Steve Cobrin and Eric Panting and will be on hand to supervise these activities.

Anyone who wants to support and help with this and give us a break please get in touch with one of the three mentioned above 

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