BOOKING A SESSION  Draft – Revised 16th May 2021 

As we return to the sport, there is a great deal of work being done behind the scenes to ensure your safe return to our club.

Possibly the biggest change/challenge to our club will be the necessity to book your place at a session  to enable us to control numbers and ensure social distancing.  Hopefully the need to book won’t be with us for long as our club thrives on the relaxed, social atmosphere and the ability to play anytime, with anybody, for as long as you like.

Our Friday evening club night will initially be split into three, one hour sessions: 18:30-19:30, 19:40-20:40 and 20:50-21:50, with cleaning taking place between sessions. We are expecting to be able to use 11 tables when we return in May’21

The Saturday morning session will be a single two hour session: 9:30-11:30  with the same set up of tables as the Friday session.  As Saturday mornings have always been quieter this session, while staying within Covid guidelines, will be more relaxed and you can expect more table time than a Friday night.  Walk-ins will be permitted but it is recommended you book as access will be denied if we reach capacity.

The online booking system I was hoping to use is not very suitable and was difficult to access so I will be taking bookings by email. The booking sheet for each week will be visible on our website and amended as bookings are added during the week leading up to the Weekend


Before booking please consider the following:

  • You are booking your place for the session times selected.  The rule of six, which we were initially restricted to, has been relaxed, which will enable you to play anyone present so long as Social distancing measures are met.
  • On Fridays you may select a second session on the same night, if there is space, you may stay on for the 3rd session FOC.
  • You MUST have the correct money to deposit in the cash box on arrival, no change can be given. FRIDAY NIGHT - A single one-hour session will initially be £3 for adults and £2 for juniors. Two sessions on the same night will be £5 for adults and £3 for juniors. If tables are available there will be no charge if you wish to play a third session. SATURDAY MORNINGS - Session Fee £4 adults, £3 juniors. 
  • Making a booking means you accept and agree to abide by the club’s code of conduct (Principles of return). A copy MUST be signed prior to your return to play.  These forms will be available on the check in desk.
  • i will not be taking regular block bookings of several weeks to try and give everyone a chance of booking a session. Those playing on a Friday/Saturday may book the following Friday/Saturday during the session




You MUST read and adhere to the Code of Conduct sent to all members. Making a booking is taken as acceptance of the Code of Conduct and that you will follow it rigidly.

As stated in the Code of Conduct you must ensure you keep all your possessions in a bag at all times, with the exception of your bat while playing.

You are requested to bring your own sanitizer and observe good hygiene practices.

Social distancing must be observed in accordance with the latest restrictions.

It is requested that, unless it is really necessary, parents should not enter the building when delivering and collecting their children. 

Masks should be worn during arrival, the booking in process and when you are not playing or recovering from playing.


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