Friday Nights  -  5 Double Sessions

 24th May, 7th June,  21st June,  5th July,  19th July, 

 Players Registered to date - you may enter at any time

10 points for attending each session. Less your score for the night (Division + Position) 

 2 bonus points for winning your division in the first round of matches on the night.

Position Name  Initial Points  24th May  7th Jun  21st Jun  5th Jul  19th Jul  Points  
1stRowan Bayliss1008810108144
2ndAndrew Davies10059667133
=3rdFred Wakefield10098906132
=3rdRob Ferguson10058577132
5thMichael Bow10095655130
6thIvor Copley10005879129
=7thMarc Winstanley   100104244124
=7thJosh Redfern10047706124
9thAndy Guy10065570123
10thDavid Olver10036443120
=11thLaurie Girling10065440119
=11thJasem Abu Ali10000586119
13thKevin Payne10002545116
14thSimon Baxter10056004115
=15thIan Richards10003434114
=15thQuillan Wilson10005054114
17thPaul Beckley10036400113
=18thEve James10002550112
=18thHenry Greet10001380112
20thDebi Curl10042203111
21stSue Upsdale10000037110
22ndOllie Pead10004500109
=23rdNemo Jones10050000105
=25thMichael Rook10040000104
=25thDi Hobson10000040104
=25thJoe Snape10000031104
=29thBenj Pead10003000103
=29thJupiter Jones10000003103
=31stAmy Smith10000110102
=31stTony Hobson10000020102









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