Minutes of AGM – 13th July 2018 at Teign School, 19.30

Present  -  Dennis Gibbs, Tony Halse, Sonja Ryland, Rob Bayliss, Kevin Nicholls

1.     Apologies  -  Nick Halse, Geoff Read, Doug Morgan

2.     Dennis welcomed those present and signed the agreed minutes of the 2017 AGM and commented on the successful growth of the club over a 5 year period

3.     The Secretary circulated a report on the progress that the club has made during the previous 12 months.

4.     The Treasurer’s financial statement was circulated. The Treasurer reported a good season financially. Current Balance £3,006.68. major income being session fees with the major expenditure the hiring of premises. A successful grant application (£500) to Table Tennis England gave financial support to the new summer tournaments, although this money has not yet been received so does not feature in the statement. Also June’s hire of premises (£369) is not included as invoice received after the end of the financial year.  It was agreed that we provide excellent facilities and support at a really competitive price and the Club should continue to aim to keep costs down where possible.

5.     Election of Officers

Chairman/Welfare Officer – Dennis Gibbs

Secretary/Treasurer – Tony Halse

Volunteer Coordinator – Mike Dummett

Committee:  Nick Halse, Geoff Read, Doug Morgan & Rob Bayliss were all elected back on to the committee. Both Sonja Ryland & Kevin Nicholls were elected onto the committee.

6.     Teams for 2018-19 were discussed at length.  Nothing was firmed up, as there was still best part of 5 weeks before teams had to be entered in the League.  However useful discussions and thoughts were forthcoming, with ideas and people to contact agreed.  Generally it was thought 11-12 teams was a realistic target with the players who are likely to be wanting to play. Players possibly available for league 2018-19

Div 1 – Batmen - Dennis Gibbs, Shaun Gibbs, Mike Kiff, Naomi Jackson,

Div 1 – Buzzards - Kevin Nicholls, Sonja Ryland, Jon Cheung, Tony Halse, Herbie Sage

Div 1 – Condors – Giles Tushingham, Yannick Tushingham, Mark Burridge, AN Other

Div 2 – Eagles - Jim McIvor, Andy Tyrrell, Curtis Sage, Ed Crawford

Div 2 – Falcons – Jeremy Broad, Mike Davies, Mike Kavanagh, Chris Baron, David Davies

Div 2/3 – Hawks - Doug Morgan, David Doxsey, Louis Wilshire, Matt Cyron, Peter Sercombe, Mitch Bellham

Div 3 - Kestrels – Dale Fabian, Derek Stratton, Robert Williams, Peter Tarjan, Mike Halse (res)

Div 4 – Kites - Lewis Short, Sam Hiles, Richard Salt, Kevin Salt, Travis Graham

Div 4 - Ospreys – Robert Ferguson, Ben Pead, Ollie Pead, Kevin Payne

Div 4 – Owls - Rob Bayliss, Dylan Bayliss, Rowan Bayliss, Josh Redfern

Div 4 – Vultures – Andy Guy, Simon Baxter, Simon Bowden, Jeff Herne, Marc Winstanley, David Olver, Chris Bishop,

Other possible players; Henry Greet, Ben Swettenham, Alan Tyrrell, David Palmer, Eve James.

7.     With there being no further business, the meeting closed at 20:45.


Signed _____________________________  Chairman           Date_______________________

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