N A BATMEN       Div 1    Tuesday     Dennis Gibbs, Shaun Gibbs, Mike Kiff, Naomi Jackson

N A BUZZARDS   Div 1    Tuesday     Sonja Ryland, Kevin Nicholls, Jon Cheung, Herbie Sage, Tony Halse

N A CONDORS    Div 1    Friday        Giles Tushingham, Yan Tushingham, David Davies, Lauren Loosemore, Mark Burridge, Tim Burridge, Rory Harries (temp)

N A EAGLES         Div 2    Tuesday    Andy Tyrrell, Jim McIvor, Curtis Sage, Louis Wilshire, Ed Crawford

N A FALCONS      Div 2    Friday        Jeremy Broad, Mike Davis, Mike Kavanagh, Fred Burdett, Chris Baron

N A HAWKS         Div 3    Friday         Doug Morgan, Ben Swettenham, Dave Doxsey, Pete Sercombe, Matt Cyron

N A KESTRELS     Div 3    Friday         Dale Fabian, Rob Williams, Peter Tarjan, Derek Stratton, Mitch Bellham 

N A KITES            Div 4     Friday         Lewis Short, Richard Salt, Josh Redfern, Kevin Salt

N A OWLS           Div 4     Friday          Rob Bayliss, Dylan Bayliss, Rowan Bayliss

N A OSPREYS      Div 5     Friday          Rob Ferguson, Benj Pead, Ollie Pead, Henry Greet

N A VULTURES   Div 5     Tuesday      Andy Guy, Kevin Payne, Mike Halse, David Full, Katie Thain, Mark Heather

N A MERLINS      Div 5     Friday          David Olver, Chris Bishop, Marc Winstanley, Eve James, Ethan Lee

There is still space to slot the odd player into teams particularly in the 4th & 5th Divisions.  Speak to Tony or Dennis if you fancy giving it a go. 

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