Handicap Cup Round 1 Preview - by David Sillifant
THE?North Cornwall Table Tennis League gets underway again this week with the first round of the Handicap Knockout Cup.
A few weeks ago there were preliminary round victories for Division Three side Helland C over Crackington A while mid-table Division Two team North Hill B beat Torridge.
The Handicap Cup is different to the rest of the tournaments played as the better players have to start from a significant disadvantage.
Unlike in league matches, where matches are played on a first to 11 per game, best of five-sets basis, the Handicap Cup is played in a first to 21 per game with the first to two being the winner.
Each player’s handicap is based on their league form with the league’s two best players at present, Bob Thompson and Shirley Luckhurst, having a handicap of -10 while some of the less experienced players in Division Three will have a handicap in excess of +10.
The difference in handicap is then calculated using a formula to see how far ahead the lesser player starts.
Some of Division?One’s better teams are likely to be in trouble as they get paired up against players who will start with lead’s of over 15 in a race to 21.
League leaders Blisland have a home tie against Division Three team Bridgerule B while near neighbours Helland C take on North Hill A who boast Division One’s only undefeated player in Shirley Luckhurst who could find herself starting at least 17-0 down depending on who she plays.
The other clash at Helland should be interesting as the A team take on the B team who are looking a good bet from promotion from Division Two.
Handicap Knockout Cup first-round fixtures (To be played week commencing Monday, January 2)
Budehaven C v Bridgerule A; Budehaven A vs Crackington B; Helland C v North Hill A; Launceston v North Hill C; Budehaven D v Altarnun; Helland A v Helland B; North Hill B v Budehaven B; Blisland v Bridgerule B
Individual Handicaps
Paul Burden -1; Geoff Hale 3; Simon Holmes 5; Alex Whitfield 5
Robert Thompson -10; Jim Rickwood -6; Kevin Tarling -7
Allan Quilter 5; Jimmy Rickett 9; Jay Brewer 10; Nick Brewer 12; Audrey Bewes 12; Raymond Bewes 12; Brenda Tole 14; Ben Tole 15
Dave Salisbury -7; Helen Murgatroyd -7; Denis Hough -4; Owen Salisbury 1; David Sillifant 1; Anthony Ward 2; Adam Osborne 4;?Andrew Ward 5; Chris Mill 6; Steve Dawber 6; Nathan Jukes 6; Ezra Jukes 15
Paul Seez 0; Keiron Chatterjea 3; Robin Evans 6; James Ellis 6
Mike Fisher -8; Richie Bartlett -8; Ingus Abolniek -3; Dave Maclennan -2; David Hughes 0; Steve Lehan 1; Matt Edgar 8; Lewis Dix 8; Harry Tinker 9; Alan Carruthers 10; Tracey Oke 14
Stephen Parsons 3; Karen Horrell 5; Lois Atkin 7
North Hill
Shirley Luckhurst -10; Martin Hynes -7; Adrian Davis -4; Mike Kinger 2; Trevor Luckhurst 4; Jack Flockton 4; Dave Aplin 5; David Shoubridge 7; John Parker 8; Hannah?Luckhurst 10; Dominic Pipe 13  
David Sillifant
Sports Reporter
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