Presentation Evening Report and Season Round-Up by Dave Sillifant

THE North Cornwall Table Tennis Association held their annual presentation evening at Trethorne Golf Club on Thursday, May 11.

Over 40 people were in attendance as they tucked into a carvery followed by dessert

The big winners on the night were Budehaven A’s Helen Murgatroyd and Budehaven C’s Owen Salisbury who both picked up four individual trophies. Murgatroyd was the winner of the prestigious Open Singles after beating North Hill A’s Martin Hynes in the decider.

The season’s most successful teams were Blisland, who won the Division One league title and the Division One Knockout Cup and North Hill C who won the Division Three versions of those competitions. Bridgerule A were the runners-up to North Hill on both occasions.

Helland B were the Division Two champions as they edged out Budehaven C who also took the Division Two Knockout Cup. 

Helland’s A team enjoyed an excellent first campaign in the top tier as they finished second as well as reaching the Handicap Cup final where they lost to North Hill A who also finished third in Division One.

The 2016/17 Roll of Honour is as follows:

Division One:
Winners — Blisland; Runners-up — Helland A; Most Wins — Shirley Luckhurst (North Hill A — 28/30)
Division Two: 
Winners — Helland B; Runners-up — Budehaven C; Most Wins — Paul Burden (Altarnun — 32/36)
Division Three: 
Winners — North Hill C; Runners-up — Bridgerule A; Most Wins — Nathan Jukes (Budehaven D — 22/24)
Division One Knockout Cup:
Winners — Blisland; Runners-up: Crackington A
Division Two Knockout Cup:
Winners — Budehaven C; Runners-up — Budehaven B
Division Three Knockout Cup:
Winners — North Hill C; Runner-up — Bridgerule A
Handicap Cup:
Winners — North Hill A; Runners-up — Helland A
Open Singles:
Winner — Helen Murgatroyd (Budehaven A); Runner-up — Martin Hynes (North Hill A)
Open Doubles:
Winner — Helen Murgatroyd (Budehaven A) and Steve Dawber (Budehaven D); Runners-up — Ingus Abolnieks (Helland A) and Robin Evans (Crackington B)
Ladies Singles:
Winner — Helen Murgatroyd (Budehaven A); Runner-up: Hannah Luckhurst (North Hill D)
Mixed Doubles:
Winners — Helen Murgatroyd (Budehaven A) and Dave Salisbury (Budehaven A); Runners-up — Hannah Luckhurst (North Hill D) and Dominic Pipe (North Hill D)
Junior Singles:
Winner — Owen Salisbury (Budehaven C); Runner-up — Nathan Jukes (Budehaven D)
Super Veteran Singles:
Winner — Bob Thompson (Blisland); Runner-up — Dave Salisbury (Budehaven A)
Handicap Singles:
Winner — Dominic Pipe (North Hill D); 
Runner-up — Ingus Abolnieks (Helland A)
Restricted Singles:
Winner — Owen Salisbury (Budehaven C); Runner-up — Anthony Ward (Budehaven B)
David Viggers Class One:
Winner — Dave Salisbury (Budehaven A); Runner-up — John Thorpe (unattached)
David Viggers Class Two:
Winner — Owen Salisbury (Budehaven C); Runner-up — Trevor Luckhurst (North Hill B)
David Viggers Class Three:
Winner — Hannah Luckhurst (North Hill D); Runner-up — Dominic Pipe (North Hill D)
David Viggers Juniors:
Winner — Owen Salisbury (Budehaven C); Runner-up — Nathan Jukes (Budehaven D)
Senior Player of the Year — Alan Quilter (Bridgerule A); Junior Player of the Year — Nathan Jukes (Budehaven D); Most Improved Player — Dominic Pipe (North Hill D); Sportsmanship — Jim Rickwood (Blisland A)
Division One (top five averages — minimum of ten wins)
Shirley Luckhurst (North Hill A) — 28/30 (93.33%); Bob Thompson (Blisland) — 27/30 (90%); Peter Freeburn (Torridge) — 22/27 (81.48%); Ritchie Bartlett (Helland A) — 22/30 (73.33%); Mike Fisher (Helland A) — 22/30 (73.33%)
Division Two (top five averages — minimum of ten wins)
David Maclennan (Helland B) — 22/24 (91.67%); Paul Burden (Altarnun) — 32/36 (88.89%); David Hughes (Helland B) — 28/33 (84.85%); Owen Salisbury (Budehaven C) — 22/27 (81.48); David Sillifant (Budehaven C) — 24/33 (72.73%)
Division Three (top five averages — minimum of ten wins)

Alan Quilter (Bridgerule A) — 21/22 (95.45%); Nathan Jukes (Budehaven D) (91.67%); David Aplin (North Hill C) — 12/14 (85.71%); David Shoubridge — 10/12 (83.33%); Hannah Luckhurst (North Hill D) — 17/24 (70.83%)

Tournament winner 2017 (Helen Murgatroyd)
Division 1 winners 2017 (Blisland)


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