Hard Bat Competition 2016

The Hard Bat was played for this Wednesday 21st December. An excellent turn out, in fact we were overbooked and my apologies to Marcus Berry and Barry Steadman as we were unable to fit them in.  My thanks to Doreen Daw who once again put on half time oranges ( no not oranges, in fact nibbles, and even more substantial thingies ), thank you again, it was well appreciated by all competitors and Marcus and Me. The amount raised for Charity is in excess of £70, and Alan Slade will be presenting this to the Children’s Hospice in Fremington.  Thank you to all for your support for this worthwhile cause.

Now to the results, top 2 from each group to qualify;

Group 1                      Group 2                      Group 3                      Group 4

Dennis Jones               Peter Dunstan             Martyn Eyles               Martyn Beer  

Alan Briggs                  Peter Kneil                  Alan Slade                   Sue Overton

Steve Richardson        Alan Pemberton          Jai Moore                    Tim Cooke

Mike Fawcett              Lyndsey           Wright             Rhys Eyles                   Ernie Maud

Chris Isaac                   Dave Moore                Veronica Meardon      James Raymont

 Quarter Finals

Martyn Eyles   1-0       Peter Kneil                  Peter Dunstan 1-0       Alan Slade

Martyn Beer   1-0       Alan Briggs                  Sue Overton    1-0       Dennis Jones

 Semi Finals

Martin Eyes was the odd man out, never having won it before.

Pete Dunstan 1995 & 2010, Martyn Beer 1997, and Sue Overton in 2012, the previous winners.

 Pete Dunstan   2-1       Sue Overton                Martyn Beer   2-0       Martyn Eyles


A really fine final with some breath taking rallies, won by Martyn Beer 11-8.11-4 and a glorious last game 12-10, what a fight back by Peter.  Thanks to both players for keeping the spectators so absorbed and showing just what can be done with these old style bats.


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