First round of the Ramsay Cup week beginning 3rd December 2018


Round One Draw for Ramsey 2018-19


Ties to be made in week beginning 3rd December

Ties in the order drawn. We have added expected venues and expected dates

Captains please confirm arrangements with your opponents.


Top Spin vs Herons - West Buckland - Thursday 6th December

The Vice vs Paddlers - Instow - Wednesday 5th December

Misfits vs Dolphins - Monkleigh - Monday 3rd December

Holsworthy A vs Holsworthy D - Sutcombe - Tuesday 4th December

Despicables vs Chulmleigh Chiefs - Instow - Wednesday 5th December

Chulmleigh A vs Balls of Fury - Chulmleigh - Tuesday 4th December

Nets and Edges vs Chulmleigh B - Instow - Tuesday 4th December

Smugglers vs Littleham - Instow - Monday 3rd December

McDonalds & Co vs Spin Doctors - Instow - Tuesday 4th December

Holsworthy B - Holsworthy C - Sutcombe - Tuesday 4th December


This year we are running the Ramsey Plate for those teams that are knocked out of the Ramsey Cup in the first round.  Therefore all teams will go forward to the second round of either the Cup or the Plate.  Round two will be played in week beginning 28th January 2019.

Round two will consist of 5 ties.  The winners of those ties will be put into a draw. The first two teams drawn will play each other, the winner going into the semi-finals. The other 3 teams will go straight into the semi-finals.

The 'Starting Point' grid is being used again this year.  In a match you will need to look at the difference in handicap between the two players, eg if the difference is 15 the game will have an actual score start of 13, ie the lower handicap player will start on 0, the higher handicap player will start on 13. Each game will be played to 21.

For Doubles add the handicap for each player in a team and divide by 2.  Halves are rounded down, eg 12+15 = 27 so the handicap number is 13.

The results sheets from the Ramsey should be e-mailed or sent as a photo to either Ernie Maud or Steve Richardson.

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