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It is important that you read the following if you are not using the latest version of your web browser.

This version of this website leverages some major advancements in technology and as a result your web browser plays a part in you benefiting from these changes. We make every attempt to ensure our system is compatible with older browsers, but often this can mean having to remove functionality which is not compatible with your browser, so you are advised to always use the latest browser version possible. If you use Internet Explorer, you should ideally be using version 10 now, unless you run Windows XP in which case you can’t. If you do run Windows XP then you are strongly advised to install Google Chrome, it is free and fully compatible. If you continue to use older browser versions, do not be surprised by the occasional glitch or loss of functionality.

Notice to users of Google Chrome... Recent changes to Chrome have left some users experiencing unusual behaviour with drop-down boxes. Please note that we have investigated this problem and it is not a software issue we can solve. If you have problems the work-around is to hover your mouse over the drop-down and use the middle mouse scroll button OR use another browser, currently Firefox and IE work fine.

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