2019-20 New Season

Please renew your TTE membership if you have not done so already, you cannot play matches until you have done so.  Your TT365 fee will be paid by NMTTL or possibly by Barnet or Cheshunt league if you play in those as well. You are responsible however for renewing your Table Tennis England (TTE) membership and your registration will not be valid until you have done so.

Please configure your GDPR options preferably setting the option to full so that the league can contact you. You may also wish to make telephone number and email address visible either publicly or to NMTTL members only. Team captains are especially requested to do this. Some instructions to help are listed


Available to download once you have logged in - go to the Information menu

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - please grant access

Log in to the site. If you have forgotten your password then click on forgot passord and you will get an email telling you how to reset it

Click on the little symbol (of a person) next to the padlock alongside your name (top right).

This displays your membership history, now click on My Data, then on My Leagues and Clubs and then click on Change Access under North Middlesex.

There are 3 options Basic, Contact and Full. We are requesting that you set the access to full but if you have concerns please set it to contact. (Basic would not allow any contact details).

Now click on My data, then on Privacy. 6 rows are displayed and you can make data available for viewing according to the 4 drop down options on the right. I suggest setting to Only your members but if you do wish any website visitor to see, say your email (and you can have two) then this could be used.

Note that the GDPR options on Contact override those on Privacy so if you had contact set to basic (for example) your email address would NOT be visible even if you set that item to any website visitor.

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