This year's event, organised by County Tournament Organiser Mike Wildman, was held at Weavers Leisure Centre on Sunday 23 September 2018 and was won by Alex Cochrane with Danny Verrall as runner-up.





This year the tournament was organised in a different way. The Junior Top 10 and the Cadet Top 20 was combined, the player coming first and second in the whole tournament being the Under 18s Winner and Runner-up and the highest and second highest Cadet being the Winner and Runner-up of the Under 15s.

The final order was 1. Sam Wilson, 2. Jacob Tattersall, 3. Abin Islam, 4. Daniel Mann, 5. Alex Cochrane, 6. Felix Bradbury, 7. Manav Pandya, 8. Jack Bain, 9. Jacob Mortimer, 10. Daniel Bain, 11. Hubert Malenda, 12. Rishan Ganatra, 13. Ansh Shah, 14. Kavish Dodhia.

This meant the County Cadet Under 15 Champion is Jacob Tattersall and the Runner-up is Daniel Mann. Congratulations to both on their excellent performances.


The results this year were as follows:

1. Jacob Tattersall, 2. Tarun Mistry, 3. Dev Patel, 4. Felix Bradbury, 5. Lewis Hillery, 6. Josh Adams, 7. Daniel Mann, 8. Manav Pandya, 9. Alex Cochrane, 10. Daniel Bain, 11. Rishan Ganatra, 12. Hubert Malenda, 13. Ansh Shah, 14. George Toseland, 15. Nathan Dixon, 16. Anish Patel  



On 13 September 2015 we had an excellent Cadets Top 20 held at the Hindu Association's premises in Wellingborough for the first time. It was won by Jack Bain with Virat Patel the Runner-Up. 

Eighteen boys took part in the Cadets event with competitors divided into two equal groups of nine.

As anticipated Virat Patel won all his eight sets in Group 1 while Jack Bain remained unbeaten in Group 2. However when these two met in the final Bain came from two games down to win 8-11, 8-11, 11-5, 11-5, 11-4 and so take the title. Milan Pandya and Jake Townsend both won six rubbers in Group 1 but when they met Pandya had earned a 12-10,11-8, 11-9 verdict. This gave him the right to face Rahul Jethwa who had finished second in Group 2 also with six successes.Pandya won 11-5, 12-10, 6-11, 11-7 to take third place in the competition.

Final positions: 1 Jack Bain, 2 Virat Patel, 3 Milan Pandya, 4 Rahul Jethwa, 5 Tarun Mistry, 6 Jake Townsend, 7 Kyle Ghanie, 8 Felix Bradbury, 9 Daniel Mann, 10 Dev Patel. 11 Manav Pandya, 12 Jacob Tattersall, 13 Daniel Bain, 14 Henry Saint, 15 George Iacovedes, 16 Kavish Dodhia, 17 Hubert Malenda, 18 Koi Yamagata.

Dennis Millman (Northants County Press Officer)

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