Champions are driven competitors who demand success. They are only truly satisfied if they achieve the exacting standards they set themselves in terms of performance and the fitness levels required to achieve them. They will be single minded about defeating their opponents by as many points as they can and be prepared to take the same treatment in return, without complaint, if they have to.

Champions are never bored, however poor the opposition, because they know that to be bored in a match is a form of conceit. They know they can always practise something different even against less able opponents.

Champions have to be beaten - they never give up. However many consecutive points they have lost they will put that out of their minds and do their utmost to win the next point. Whatever the score they will still believe they can, and will, win the game.

Champions never stop learning because they know they can never know everything about anything. In defeat they do not make excuses because they accept they can only play as well as their opponents allow them to. Instead they conduct an honest analysis of why they lost and what they can do to redress the balance should they meet the same opponent, or the same problems, again.

Champions rarely complain about poor conditions because they know they are the same for both players. Instead they seek to adapt to the conditions more quickly than their opponents.

Champions behave well knowing that failure to do so is counter productive and will affect their concentration. They are then more likely to lose. Champions do not blame their luck but accept that luck generally evens itself out. Champions are therefore well behaved and sporting at all times, win or lose.

Champions get nervous before a match but do not let this affect their game. Instead they control their nerves and harness their nervous energy to help drive themselves to victory.

Champions are always self critical and honest with themselves. They are perfectionists never satisfied with their own performance.

Champions are dedicated and although things might come more easily to them than to others they will still practise harder, longer and better than the rest. They won't just concentrate in practice in the comfort zone of the shots they already perform well or enjoy most but instead work on the strokes they do not play as well or like as much. They know that practice does not make perfect but perfect practice does make perfect.

Champions will not compromise on any one of these standards because they have the right attitude of mind. Will they succeed? Yes, because they are Champions.






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