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The YMCA North Tyneside A team of Andrew Dryden, Nigel Rodgers and Paul  Baines became the first Premier Division team for sixteen years to win the  Northumbria League Handicap Cup when they defeated second division Cramlington  Cobras in a thrilling final.  Rodgers narrowly won the first match 25-23 in  the third end, overcoming a nine point start against Alan Hedley who also had  match point at 22-20. The Cobras quickly levelled things with the ever improving  Duncan Wraight taking advantage of his 12 point start to defeat Dryden and then  went ahead as John Morton(+7) to beat Baines. The match then swung the way of  the YM with Rodgers unexpectedly winning 21-18 in the third end against Wraight  despite giving him a nine point start and Baines just edging out Hedley 22 – 20  in the third, again overcoming a nine point handicap. But the Cobras were not to  be outdone and they took the next two, Morton beating Dryden 21 – 17 in another  three ender and Wraight defeating Baines. With the Cobras 4 – 3 ahead the last  two matches were played on adjacent tables and Dryden was first to finish with  victory over Hedley as Rodgers was leading against Morton. Rodgers went on to  win his third set of the night and see his side triumph 5 – 4. (see menu bar for photos)
The YMCA side were also involved in an important league match earlier in  the week when they visited Newton who needed to beat them to keep their place in  the top flight. Anthony Ainley did his best to try to keep
his side up by winning all three of his sets and also the doubles partnered  by Graeme Bell but it was not enough as Dryden and Baines both won their other  two sets as did James Bradbury, the visitors winning 6 – 4.
Thirtytwo teams are competing in four divisions of the Summer League which  gets underway next week.
Aubrey Drapkin
Author: via Northumbria Table Tennis League
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