How our club and membership works

We get many inquiries for information, so please find here some Frequently asked Questions and answers.

  • Can I book a table to practice?
    • Unfortunately not, our club sessions / practices are an informal open session where members can turn up and play any and all who are there.
    • The exception is if you are a team captain and it is in season, when it is possible to book available table sessions through contacting the committee.
  • My Son/Daughter would like to play/be coached, what is available?
    • In general our coaching runs on Sunday Mornings and is run by Wendy Porter and Simon Brookes.
    • The attendee needs to be a member and to have registered for the session as there is a weekly registration process.
    • Further information is available from our Head coach Wendy, her information is at the bottom of this site.
  • Can I try before I join?
    • Sure, we run an informal 1st session trial before we ask you to contact us and arrange membership.
    • We maintain regular spot checks and have many regulars which allows us to keep a check on attendance.
  • When can I practice?
    • We maintain a diary on this website, which is regularly updated and is the record of when and if sessions are running.
    • The sessions change slightly between September - March (in league season) and April - August (out of league season). so its worth checking regularly, and before you plan to attend.
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