Week 11

Oldham Table Tennis League Report for Week 11- W/c 14th Novemberr 2016




Two ‘top of the table’ clashes took place at Hulme Grammar.


Division 2 Hollinwood B 7 v Honeywell C 3


With a fine performance from Ped McKinstry winning all 3 to retain his unbeaten record, and support from Kim Lee (1), George Jones (2). Peter Fowler (1), Tommy Ryan (2), replying for Honeywell C

This result keeps Hollinwood B in 1st place and Honeywell C in 2nd place


Division 5 Hollinwood G 4 v Denshaw A 6


This result keeps Hollinwood G in top position, but Denshaw A narrowed the gap to 1 point with a game in hand.

Gary Kershaw (3), Andrew Tyas (1), Daniel Bretten (1), with Hollinwood’s  Pete Chappell (1), Gordon Bickley (2), Andrew Brierley (1).  Sympathy must go to Pete whose two losses in 5th games were 10-12 and 11-13.


Division 1


Honeywell A (4) v Saddleworth B (6) was competitive, with 6 matches being decided in the 5th game and  4 in the 4th game. Phil Myers (3), Marcus McNulty (1), could not overcome the team effort with Matty Evans (2), Paul King (2) Nathan Buckley (1)

Unison A (2) v Hollinwood A (8) A much closer match than the result suggests. Hollinwood’s Barry Elliot (3), Gabrial Wilding (3), Colin boardman (2) with Steve Collins replying for Unison A


Division 3


Despite 3 wins from Honeywell F’s Adam Rowbothan, Uppermill B were able to win 6-4 with wins for Jack Dunning(2), Howard Meadham (1), Mark Dunning (2)


Unison C Juniors registered there 2nd 10-0 victory in two weeks. This time Gilders were their victims.


Division 4


Only three results received in this division.

Thornham CC had an excellent 5-5 result against 2nd placed Owls A. Mass Khan inflicting the damage with 3 wins for Thornham.

 Uppermill C defeating Hollinwood F 7-3 and Hollinwood E having a 10-0 victory over Deaf C who look destined for Division 5.


Division 5


Unison Fs Brian Eaton (2), James Akhter (3) Angelo Robles (3) had a convincing win over              Pollards B. Likewise, Owls Cs team of  Ian Ross (2), Sudip Charteriee (3) and Ruth Buckley (3) defeated Coldhurst D by the same score, keeping both teams in the promotion race.

Division 2

Honeywell Ds middle of the table match against Grotton A showed there’s nothing  between the two teams with 5 of the matches being 5 game battles and the match result ending 5-5. However, this success had its bad side, as 3rd Division player Ken Dunkerley winning 3 on the night took his 2nd division wins to 7, activating 7 win rule and results in him now only being available for the Division 2 team.

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