Week 19

Oldham Table Tennis League Report for Week 23- W/c  07 February 2017

Division 5

Unison F 5 v Denshaw A 5   Top of the table clash saw the spoils shared equally with Unison taking a 5-2 lead then Andrew Tyas defeating Jamall Akhtar 14-12 in the 5th game to inspire a spirited fight back by Denshaw with Gary Kershaw achieving man of the match.

At the other end of the table Owls C inflicted a 9-1 defeat of Denshaw B

Division 2

Unison B 6 v Honeywell C 4

Third placed Unison B inflicted Honeywell C’s 2nd defeat of the season. Occasionally, one wishes to avoid mentioning our Junior players, but Sophie Newton ensured they couldn’t be ignored. stepping up from 3rd Division to win all her matches


Honeywell D ensured Coldhurst B relegation with a convincing 9-1 result.


Division 1


Werneth A 1 v Birley Moss 9

Werneth’s struggle to avoid relegation is not helped by this result. Despite the margin, many sets

 were closer than the result suggests.


Division 3


Unison D 8 v Honeywell E 2

This result fails to reflect the competiveness of the match. On this occasion age defeated youth with Brian Hall defeating Sophie Newton 11-9 in the 5th game

Honeywell F 7 v Gilders 3

With the season’s undefeated Adam Rowbothan  in action and supported by brother Lee (2) and Peter Ganley(2) with Mark Craven and Martin Nicholls winning one set each and combining to win the doubles.



Division 4


Owls A 3 v Hollinwood E 7

A middle of the table clash resulted in a very competitive evening with 9 of the sets being decided in the   4th or 5th Game.  James Collier (3)  Barry Collier (2) and Lauren Brassington (1) with Owl’s Stephen Cocker (2) and Alex Torkington (1)


Unison E 9 v Deaf C 1

This win moves Unison into promotion challenge and probably results in Deaf C’s relegation. Win’s for Jacob Sharp (3) and the recently returned Adrian Borrell (3).  Mamad Nejad 5th game 14-12 defeat of Michael O Gara prevented a clean sweep for Unison


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