A note for all members

Dear Oldham & District League Members,

I hope you have had a brilliant summer and I really hope you are looking forward to the upcoming Winter season. I trust you have been able to check your team fixtures for the season on the website.

The website has had a refreshed look thanks to the hard work of the people at TT365 and it will allow the League to have up to date information front and centre without going searching, which is exciting.

I would just like to apologise for the mistakes in the handbook; over the past couple of years, we have had new members join the League and new members join the Committee and I thought it would be good to have a wholescale refresh of the Oldham & District Table Tennis League when it comes to branding.

We launched the new logo (all credit to the fantastic Steve Hathaway), which incorporates the old logo inside it to allow us, as a League and Committee to publish content with our brand front and centre. The issue previously was the logo was very low resolution and outdated; in addition to this, I set about last year to give our League handbook a refresh and a new look and it took fantastic shape towards the end of the summer but sadly, due to the changes in league structure that we had to sort out with teams coming in and teams dropping out late in the day, the ‘fixture’ page took a battering.

The fixtures were redone 5 times throughout the summer due to the above and were finalised very close to the printing deadline of the handbook; as a result, I forgot to add ‘scheduled week’ and the handicap weeks into the Fixture pages of the handbook. I am currently working on fixing this issue and I will be posting a digital version of the handbook onto the website and onto our Facebook page to download. The handbook is also missing page numbers (silly mistake.) and has reference to E.T.T.A in a couple of places which has now been replaced by TTE, again, these will be amended and correct in upcoming versions.

Due to an unavoidable change, for the 2nd Division, numbers 8 & 9 have swapped in the handbook. All fixtures are correct on the site.

The font is slightly smaller which has puzzled me due to it being the same size in digital as the previous but I am working on that for next year and it will be bigger and easier to read. For now, don’t read it without a nightlight.

I hope these issues/errors don’t ruin the experience or the start of the season for you, but if they have, I am genuinely very sorry for that.

Next season, we will have an updated cover for the handbook and I am looking into getting the new logo put onto new sports shirts and tracksuits for any team representing the Oldham & District League, obviously, cost permitting but if anybody would be interested in this idea, please let me know.

I wish you the best in the upcoming season,


Kindest regards,

Jacob Reilly-Cooper


Oldham & District Table Tennis League

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