Handicap Rules

1. The handicaps will be on the basis of so many points per player and the teams will be notified of their player's handicaps via the local press.


2. The handicap matches to be decided over forty games. In all divisions, play will be the same as in League matches, except that, each set shall consist of only four games and a team shall consist of only 3 players. At the end of all handicap cup matches the points scored by each team shall be added to the teams’ handicap mark and the team with the higher grand total shall be the winner.


3. Each round should be played during the weeks indicated on the match night of the home team, however, if both teams agree, the match can be re-arranged, but must be played within 14 days of the fixture date, otherwise the team requesting the INITIAL re-arrangement will forfeit the match. The Management Committee may award the match or scratch both teams.


4. Teams marked * are the HOME teams.


5. In the event of any handicap match resulting in a tie, a replay shall take place on the table of the “away” team.


6. The winning team shall be responsible for sending the scorecard immediately to the Handicap Secretary.


7. The winning teams will be notified of their opponents in the next round and the home team is responsible for arranging the match.


8. The finals will be arranged on neutral tables as soon as the finalists are known.


9. The handicap will be based on the results of League matches played by the cut off date as indicated in rule 10 and outstanding matches shall for the purposes of the competition be treated as matches won by each squad member.


10. To qualify to play in the Handicap Competition a player must have played for his club in at least 3 matches prior to the start of the first round of the Handicap competition.


11. An eligible player can only play for one team throughout the competition, restricted to the team they have played for most prior to the start of the first round of the handicap competition.


12.If a player is eligible to play, then they can play in any order.


13. The Management Committee shall have the discretion to amend handicap points at any stage of the competition.



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