Oldham Closed Championship - 3rd March 2019

Hello everyone,

Oldham Closed Championships - Sunday, 3rd March 2019 at Hulme Grammar School.

Volunteers are needed for Sunday - setting up from 7:45am. Gratefully appreciated. 

Please register 30 minutes before, just in case we can get you started.

The Open Singles will be running from 9am - practice to start when tables are set up. 

Doubles, Junior, KO for Singles + Handicap matches to begin at 10:30.

Vets begins at 12.


9am: Open

10:30: Doubles / Handicap / Juniors

12pm: Vets

To pay online: Account 22498518 - Sort Code 050646

Please note: There is only 1 Vets event this year, Over 40s. Any queries, please email Jacob Reilly-Cooper.

If you have any issues, please email me and I should be able to help. 



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