Weekly report WC 3rd December

Oldham & District table tennis League – article w/c 3rd December

A few cards not uploaded yet for the week so not much to write about. Please remember to upload your cards – try for the day after as it helps with ranking and averages and also for my write up.

Let’s jump to Division 3 first:

Unison D played Honeywell Lane F this week. Brian Huskinson, John Maher and Jimmy Findlow stood across from the fearsome team of Ken Dunkerley, Brian Hall and Peter Woodland. If you take this match on result alone, it looks one sided but if you delve deeper, 5 out of the 10 games went to 4 sets. 1 went to 5. Ken Dunkerley claiming the only point for Honeywell Lane F against Jimmy Findlow, turning around a previous set defeat of 11-2 to bounce back with an 11-7 win in the 5th. 9-1 the result for Unison D. Brian Huskinson and John Maher winning 3 and combining for the doubles.

Hollinwood D faced Denshaw A. 10-0 was the result. A whitewash. Only two games going past 3 sets. Patrick Jagger being unlucky in his game against Sasi and combining to lose in 5. A funny game of doubles, no one team asserting dominance with 11-4, 7-11, 11-2, 8-11, 11-4 being the result. It must have been the side you were on. A great game though by Hollinwood.

Gilders faced Coldhurst A next. Mark Crave, Martin Nicholls and Ged Lennox winning 1 each against Ken Crimes (3 wins and POM), Malc Wills and Darren Brown. 7-3 the result in Coldhurst’s favour.

Owls A faced Pollards A. Neil England playing like a man possessed this season. He has dropped 2 games all season. 91% so far. He won 3 again this week. He has had seven 5 setters this season, and he has won them all. This week was no exception. Combining with Rob Ainsworth to win the doubles. Alex Torkington putting up the fight for Owls with 1 win in a 9-1 defeat.

Division 2 next.

Liaqat ‘Smiler’ Ali winning the POM award with 3 wins against Stanley Square in a 6-4 win for Unison C. Fast Eddie Kalinowski winning 2 and the doubles to help out.

Werneth faced Honeywell C. Terry Taylor winning the Mark Simpson award for POM with three wins on the losing side for Honeywell. Werneth’s Mick Pellowe and Karen Hill winning 2 each, and the doubles with Paul Wilkinson winning 1 to win 6-4.

Hollinwood C faced Honeywell Lane D. Joe Redikin unfortunate to not carry on his good form with a blank this week but losing in 5 sets to Howard Travis in a 5-5 draw. Could that have turned it in Hollinwood’s favour? Chris Whitehead the rankings bandit winning 3 for Hollinwood and the POM award.

Uppermill A faced Hyde YMCA B. Mark Simpson WINNING the POM award AND. Wait for this. WINNING the match 7-3. Huge congrats to Uppermill A. Mark S and Jack Dunning winning 3 and the doubles against Hyde.

Honeywell Lane E were missing their star this week in an 8-2 loss to Hyde YMCA A. Gary Crossley staying unbeaten for Hyde with 3 wins and the POM award. I would have loved to see Adam vs Gary. Alan Carter returning to form with 3 wins for Hyde.

My man crush Steve Hathaway winning 3 after his FIRST EVER treble in the 1st division in Bury the night before, continuing his good play with an unbeaten week for Deaf Club A. They beat Grotton A 6-4 with Ian Cockcroft winning 2and the doubles with Steve to clinch it. Well done!

A quick write up for me in the 4th

There are 4 games waiting to be uploaded by the captains. 1 game to mention. Grotton B vs Owls B. Neil Tomlinson in devastating form for Grotton, only dropping 2 sets out of 12 with the doubles in his POM performance. Sudip Chatterjee determined to win against Alan Sarsfield, winning the first 2 sets to 9 and 6 then losing the next in 9, but bouncing back to win 11-5 to claim the only point for Owls B.

Now, the 1st Division. I had a headline. I didn’t use it at the start but here it goes. Rate it out of ten.


Ian McLeans up in the doubles.

11-0 against Barry Elliot and Gabriel Wilding. He just didn’t miss. I remember playing doubles with Brian Huskinson when I was 12 against Darryl Meredith and Ian McLean and just being in awe. I now have the privilege to play with Ian in the same team and boy. Wow. What a game he played. He won 1 single on the night but the doubles, he was on fire. Saddleworth A vs Hollinwood A. Saddleworth have been like a goat in a horse race recently when starting. A bit slow. Going 0-4 down without blinking before Ian grabbed everyone by the scruff of the neck and demanding improvement or there would be no pint at the end. Andrew Tarpey and Sophie Newton listened and went unbeaten after that. Andrew faced Jason Pilling, the man, the machine to go 1-4. Then Ian faced Barry Elliot. A man who has lost 3 times all year and just couldn’t get over the line. Losing 3-0 but close. Sophie then facing Jason and winning in 5. 2-5. Ian then just became Frankel (race horse. Google him.) and just wouldn’t stop. He beat Gabriel 3-0. Now, 3-5. Andrew then faced Barry. What. A. Game. 3-0 to Andrew. 4-5. Then the doubles, well we know the doubles. 5-5. We will take a draw there! Superb game and a pint was enjoyed at the end.

Honeywell Lane A faced Unison B. The inform Alex Darlington wanting to ignore his losses to Birley Moss and return to winning ways. He faced Darryl, Simon Hardwick and Dave ‘Standard AP’ Buckley. He faced Dave Buck first. 3-0. What a win for the young lad. Simon had gone to 5 with Andy Hey. Look at this incredible game: 11-8, 12-10, 15-17, 12-14, 11-2. WOW. Unlucky Andy. What a fightback to get to 5. Simon wins! Daryl being ruthless with a win over Allan Auxilly. Alex faced Darryl and went down 11-4, 12-10, 12-10. Alex then faced Simon at the end and claimed a 3-0 win to make the result 8-2 to Honeywell. Simon and Darryl just beautiful in the doubles.

Unison A faced Saddleworth B. Paul King and Matthew Evans combining to win 3 and 2 respectively and the doubles to win 6-4 over Brian Hallsworth (1), Tim Vaughan (1) and Steve Collins (2). Paul has now won 9 straight games. 70% from 27 matches. Superb play.

A brilliant week but a few games missed due to no card uploaded. Hopefully they were great games!

Have a brilliant week and I look forward to seeing results from the cup this week. GOOD LUCK.



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