Ouston A -v- Ouston B 21st Jan 2013

Before a ball was served in the local Derby at Iris Crescent the B Team were 2 points ahead of the A Team, lying second and third in Division 3...it was all to play for!

The B Team held no prisoners however and took full advantage of their superiority.

For the A Team Allen Tarn had just returned from a spell in Tenerife and Peter Scott was returning from injury and found it difficult to play to their full potential in the cauldron of a local Derby. Neither could Norman Badger hold off the might of a fired up B Team.

Neil and Mark Rodgers played superbly and were well supported by Mike Lyons who was at the top of his game.

The result ended up a 10 - 0 win for the B Team.


Below: Father & Son Doubles B Team of Neil & Mark Rodgers.


Author: via Ouston Table Tennis Club
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