A team have pleasant diversion in Handicap cup

The regular team of Mike, Mark and Neil hosted the North Fire team of Barry Hill, Bob Atwell and Mick Bull in the 2nd round of the handicap cup who they've already met in the league this season and suffered an 8-2 thrashing. However this was not to be repeated in the Handicap cup and without Karen Henry who'd been playing in a tournament all wekend the slightly altered but no weaker team of Barry, Bob and Mick turned up.

First up was Mark against Mick Bull and even without needing a 7 start Mark took first blood with an excellent 21-10 and then 21-3 win, Neil then took the second game against Barry and Mike followed suit with a win against Bob giving Ouston a 3-0 advantage. Neil then played Mick Bull but couldn't match the form of Mark and lost in a close fought match over the three ends in a fraught game with interruptions from the game next door and Mick complaining about the ball, conditions, noise and basically everything else he could think of. Mark then lost his next game against Bob in a very close game; but Bob won out in the end when he found a serve that Mark had great difficulty in returning in the final end picking up loads of points from it. This looked like the tables were turning but Mike then turned in a cracking performance to beat Barry in two ends and then Neil wrapped up the match with a win against Bob giving Ouston the 5 points that sees them into the next round. 

To finish off the night Mike beat Mick Bull and Barry declined to play his final game against Mark as he'd tweaked his back and didn't want to aggravate it any further seeing as the result would've made no overall difference.

We look forward to the next round and hope we can go further than last year where we got to the semi finals!

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