This season, 2016-17:

HB2016part1.pdf    This contains all the "portrait" pages of the Handbook EG Club Details, Captain's phone

HB2016Grid.pdf      This contains the 10-team grid and team numbers per division,
                                                    plus 3AS Handicap group fixtures for January.

Fixtures2016b.txt     This is a complete listing of all scheduled matches, including Academy.





LAsT season, 2015-16:

HB2015part1portrait.pdf           This is part 1 of the Handbook   (Note that this is now more up-to-date than the printed Handbooks, as SEMMLE will now play home matches at Harcourt Hill and not Headington)

HB2015Part2landscape.pdf      This is part 2 of the Handbook

FullFixtureList.pdf                       This is the Full Fixture List


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