ODTTA's trial Two-a-Side league for league-standard players runs at Cheney School 10 Oct - 21st Nov 2018.

Cheney Twos 21-11-18


Ping! Oxford All-Comers Summer League 2018

ODTTA's exciting, new, short-format singles competition for league and social players has now finished. A report and photos will follow here soon. Meanwhile results for week six and the overall tables are below.

Congratulations to week six group winners Pawel Zukowski, Max Jackson, John Mellor, Dick Crawley, Mark Walker and Stan Cross.

All Comers 29-8-18

Final table, scores for all players:

All-Comers overall final a


All-Comers overall final b




Players with 40+ games eligible for the overall Champion's and runner-up trophies, awarded for the best points per game average. Congratulations to champion John Mellor and runner-up Pawel Zukowski.

[Anne wrongly awarded Trang To the runner's up trophy on the night, after getting her calculations wrong. She is very apologetic, and is consulting with those involved to put matters right.]

Final All-Comers


Trophies were also awarded to the players with the most points over the six weeks in each of the different categories A - E. These were: Pawel Zukowski, Richard Kinnaird, Daniel Leon, David Ring and Phoenix Chant.


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