Vets 1st Team Secure Promotion

Oxfordshire's Vets 1st team have won Div 2D of the County Championships and secured promotion to Div 1.

Going into the final session of matches at Trowbridge on Sat 5th March, Oxfordshire Vets needed wins against close rivals Worcestershire and Herefordshire to secure the Divisional title. Some sparkling performances from our top veteran players overwhelmed our opponents, and we won these matches decisively 10-0 and 9-1 respectively.

Oxfordshire were represented by the following squad of players throughout the competition.

Men - Andy Misseldine, Jeff Rigby, Mark Scott, Darren Jones and Darren Palmer

Ladies: Julie Lawrence and Janet Brown

Stand-out performances were from Jeff Rigby and Julie Lawrence. Jeff played in all 7 matches and won 13 of his 14 singles. Julie played in 6 matches and was undefeated in 6 singles and 12 mixed doubles. Also noteworthy was Darren Palmer who was making his debut in veterans' events. Darren won 3 of his 4 singles in the two matches he played in - an excellent start in a tough competition.

Based on this strong squad of players, the team can look forward with confidence to competing at the higher level next season.

Match Results

1. Oxon vs Devon 1: Won 8-2

2. Oxon vs Wiltshire 2: Won 10-0

3. Oxon vs Hampshire 1: Lost 6-4

4. Oxon vs Somerset 3: Won 9-1

5. Oxon vs Somerset 1: Won 9-1

6. Oxon vs Worcestershire: Won 10-0

7. Oxon vs Herefordshire: Won 9-1

Full details of results and final tables on TTE web site at:

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