Todd Stanmore up to 14th in Cadet Boys

Please note that in some cases I have only been able to quote players’ RATINGS, as they do not have an English ranking. This will apply either if the player is not listed as being of English nationality or if they are outside the top 300/600, according to age group. Ratings will always be lower than rankings, because they include all non-English players taking part in English competitions. 

UNDER 13 BOYS: Jonty Duffy 113, Morris Wong 139, Archie Fyfe 146, George Fyfe 155, Joseph Fisher 193, Joe Miller 204, Will Brown 242

CADET BOYS:  Todd Stanmore 14, Bertie Anstis 125, Toby Dow 265, Jonty Duffy 331, Zain Ali 411, Morris Wong 420, Edward Davis 424, Archie Fyfe 432, George Fyfe 450, Hari Selveraj 541, Joseph Fisher 546, Joe Miller 566, Hugh Mortimer 594, Edmund Fry 638, Will Brown 684, Miles Davis 688

CADET GIRLS: Pelin Karabulut 59 

JUNIOR BOYS: Reece Chamdal 12, Todd Stanmore 129, Kiarash Shaddel 174, Rafe Fleming 200,  Ethan Morgan 260, Bertie Anstis 408, Adam Jenner 478, David Brice 599, Tom Williams 639

JUNIOR GIRLS: Vicky Coll 98, Lilli Foreman 116

UNDER 21 MEN: Reece Chamdal 21, Todd Stanmore 113, Lewis Waddup 138, Rafe Fleming 177

UNDER 21 WOMEN: Christelle Rajapaksa 87

SENIOR WOMEN: Christelle Rajapaksa 165

SENIOR MEN: Reece Chamdal 63, Neil Cartwright 185, Tony Stead 383, Todd Stanmore 423, Lewis Waddup 513, Rafe Fleming 763

VETERAN WOMEN: Janet Brown 66, Janice Rowan 104, Sharon Curtis 112

VETERAN MEN: Karl Bushell 91, Andy Misseldine 189, James Lovelock 265, Nat Richardson 268, Pascal Larousse 286, Tony Stead 294, Neil Hurford 330, Chris Lansley 386, Gary Jackson 486, Paul Rowan 545

For Vetts over 50s, over 60s etc, see here:

We have Janet Brown at 7th in 70s Ladies

     Janice Crompton at 11th in 70s Ladies

     Nat Richardson at 11th in 70s Men

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