2.1.      The Association shall be affiliated to the English Table Tennis Association.

2.2.      The objects of the Association shall be as follows:

2.2.1.   To act as the controlling and governing body for the game of Table Tennis in the County of Oxfordshire subject to any overriding decisions of the National Council of the English Table Tennis Association.

2.2.2.   To assist and encourage the formation of Table Tennis leagues and clubs in the County of Oxfordshire, and to promote the game in every possible way.


The area of jurisdiction of the Association shall be the county of Oxfordshire as defined by the rules of the English Table Tennis Association.


In these rules and regulations made hereunder

4.1.      The following words and phrases shall have the meaning assigned by this rule:-

4.1.1.   The Association. The Oxfordshire Table Tennis Association

4.1.2.   E.T.T.A. The English Table Tennis Association.

4.1.3.   Local Leagues Local Leagues and Associations.

4.1.4    Members

(i)         Any person who is current member of any Association, league or club affiliated to the Association.

(ii)        Any person who is currently directly affiliated to the Association

(iii)       Any Vice President, Honorary Life member, duly elected officer, and duly appointed officials of the Association.

4.1.5.   National Council The National Council of the E.T.T.A.

4.2.      Words and phrases defined by the Rules of the W.T.T.A. and not otherwise defined by these rules shall have the meaning assigned to them by the rules of the E.T.T.A.


5.1.      The Association shall consist of:

5.1.1.  President, Vice Presidents, Honorary Life Members, duly elected officers and duly appointed officials.

5.1.2.  All Local Leagues, directly affiliated clubs and directly affiliated individuals, affiliated to the E.T.T.A. which are within the jurisdiction of the Association as prescribed by the National Council (except such as shall be granted exemption by the E.T.T.A.)

5.2.      The Association shall accept into Good Standing without the payment of fee.

5.2.1.   All organisations within the jurisdiction of the Association which are in Good Standing with the E.T.T.A.

5.2.2.  All County or Regional Associations or organisations covering the area or part, of the area of jurisdiction of this association which are part of or affiliated to National Associations or organisations in Good Standing with the E.T.T.A.

5.2.3.  The County Schools Table Tennis Association and Schools leagues and School

Clubs within the jurisdiction of the Association except such as may be affiliated

6.         AFFILIATION

6.1.      Affiliation to the Association shall be compulsory for all local Leagues, directly affiliated clubs and directly affiliated individuals in the County, unless, exempted by a decision of the National Council.

6.2.      Every applicant for affiliation shall complete the current affiliation form and shall sign it on behalf of himself or of the league or club on whose behalf the application is made.

6.3.      A Club or individual not directly affiliated to the E.T.T.A. may apply to be directly affiliated to the Association provided that it or he/she is affiliated, to the E.T.T.A. through another body.

6.4.      Every Local league and directly affiliated Club shall send to the General Secretary of the Association not later than 30th September, each season a copy of its current rules.

6.5.      No person or body may affiliate to the Association unless affiliated to the E.T.T.A.


7.1.      The affiliation fees shall be as determined at the Annual General Meeting.

7.2.      Affiliation fees shall be paid on or before 31st October each season to the Treasurer of the Association or a fine of £20 will be imposed, failing which an offending Association will be suspended.


8.1.      The Officers of the Association shall be: President, Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer, County Championships Match Secretary, Umpires Secretary, Coaching Secretary,Tournament Secretary.

8.2.      The Officers shall be elected by the Annual General Meeting and shall serve from the end of the meeting at which they are elected until the end of the Annual General Meeting following, they shall be eligible for re-election.

8.3.      Casual Vacancy A vacancy occurring during the season may be filled by the Management Committee.

8.4.      National Councillor.

8.4.1.   Between 1st May and 15th June each season the Management Committee shall elect the National Councillor to represent the County for the following season, after considering all nominations submitted to them by Members of the Association.

8.4.2.   The General Secretary shall send a copy of the Management Committee Minutes recording the election certified by him/herself and one other responsible officer to reach the E.T.T.A. General Secretary or such person as may be designated for the purpose by the E.T.T.A. Management Committee by 22nd June.

9.         MANAGEMENT

9.1.      The affairs of the Association shall be managed by a Management Committee, consisting of (1) The Officers (2) National Councillor (3) Not more than 8 persons elected by the Annual General Meeting (4) Not more than 2 representatives appointed by each local league.

9.2.      Co-option The Committee shall have power to co-opt not more than 3 other members of the Association. Co-opted members shall have the right to vote.

9.3.      Casual vacancies The Committee shall have the power to fill a vacancy in any office or on the Committee until the next Annual General Meeting

9.4.      Meetings The Committee shall meet not less than five times a year.

9.5.      At least 7 days notice in writing of the place, date and time of every meeting shall be sent to every member of the Committee.

9.6.      Quorum The business of the Committee may be transacted by not less than 4 members which must include at least 2 officers.

9.7.      Chair In the absence of the Chairman the Committee shall elect one of its members to take the chair for the meeting.

9.8.      Voting Every question at a meeting of the Committee shall be determined by a majority of the members present and voting, every member having one vote. In the event of an equality of votes the Chairman of the meeting shall  have a second or casting vote.

9.9.      Regulations The Committee shall have power to make matters not specifically dealt with in these Rules as they think fit.

9.10.    Standing Sub-Committee At its first meeting following the Annual General Meeting the Committee shall appoint Sub-Committees to deal with the following matters: (l) Umpiring (Meetings of this Sub-Committee shall be convened by the Umpires Secretary).

9.11.    Sub-Committees The Committee may delegate any of its duties and powers to the sub-committees consisting of such persons as it shall decide, provided that at least 2 members shall be members of the Committee. Any sub-Committee shall in the performance of its duties, conform to the Terms of Reference laid down by the Committee. Unless decided otherwise by the Committee, the chairman of the sub-committee shall be responsible for reporting to the Committee.


10.1.    Date Each season the Association shall hold an Annual General Meeting during the month of May.

10.2.    Notice To call an A.G.M. the General Secretary shall give at least 14 days notice in writing of the place, date and time, together with the Agenda to the President, Vice-Presidents, Honorary Life Members and Officers and to the secretary of each Local league and Directly Affiliated Clubs and to each directly affiliated individuals.

10.3.    Accredited Representative Each Local League shall appoint one Accredited Representative to attend each General Meeting who shall hold an official Accreditation Representative’s Card signed by the General Secretary of the Local League. Only the Accredited Representative shall be entitled to cast his/her league's vote

10.4.    Right to attend Attendance at the meeting shall be open to all members.

10.5.    Agenda The following items shall be included:


(1) Minutes of the previous A.G.M.

(2) Minutes of any S.G.M. held since previous A.G.M.

(3) Annual reports of Management Committee

(4) Statement of accounts

(5) Propositions for alteration of Rules (if any)

(6) Motions of which the General Secretary has received notice in writing

(7) Election of Officers

(8) Election of President, Vice-Presidents, and Honorary Life Members

(9) Election of Management Committee members

(10) Appointment of Auditors

(11) Affiliation fees

10.5.2. Motions not included in the Agenda shall not be voted upon except with the permission of the Chairman.

10.6.    Voting

10.6.1. Each Officer shall have one vote

10.6.2. Each Local League shall be allocated 1 vote for each Division in their league for the current season.

10.6.3. In the event of a tied vote the Chairman of the A.G.M. shall have a second or subsequent casting vote.

10.7.    Special Majority No resolution altering the Rules of the Association shall be declared carried unless at least two thirds of the total votes cast are in favour of the resolution.

10.8.    Fine for non-attendance Any Local League not represented at the A.G.M. by an Accredited Representative shall be fined the sum of £5.00.


11.1.    A Special General Meeting shall be convened on a resolution of the Management Committee or within 28 days of receipt by the General Secretary of a requisition signed by not less than 10 members stating the business to be transacted at the meeting.

11.2.    Rule 10 (except sub-rules 10.1 and 10.5) shall apply.

11.3.    A Special General Meeting shall transact only such business as is specified in the resolution or requisition convening it.

12.       FINANCE

12.1.    Bank Account The funds of the Association shall be kept at a bank or invested in a Building Society or other security approved by the Association.

12.2.    Cheque Signatories All cheques etc. drawn on the bank account shall be signed by the Treasurer and by either the Chairman or General Secretary.

12.3.    The financial year of the Association shall end on 15th April.

12.4.    Auditors The accounts of the Association shall be audited each season by 2 auditors appointed at the A.G.M.

12.5.    All income and property of the Association from whatever source derived shall be applied solely to the promotion of the objects of the Association.


In the event of the winding up or dissolution of the Association any surplus assets remaining after discharge of liabilities shall automatically vest in the E.T.T.A. who shall hold them for a period of six years in trust to pay them to organisation set up with objects identical or similar to those of the Association (the E.T.T.A. during such period making every endeavour to promote and encourage the formation of such an organisation) and thereafter for the general purposes of the E.T.T.A.


14.1.    Any individual or club aggrieved by a decision or action of a Local League, or a Committee or Officer of such League, may appeal against such decision or action to this Association whose decision shall be final and binding on all parties.

14.2.    The Association shall not have power to reverse a decision or action which is in accordance with the Rules of the Local League unless it constitutes a breach of Rules or Regulations of this Association or of the E.T.T.A. or of the principles of natural justice.

14.3.    Any such appeal shall be made in writing to the General Secretary within 21 days of the decision or action appealed against, and shall be accompanied by a fee of £5.00 in the case of an individual or £20.00 in the case of an organisation which shall be returned if the adjudicating body consider the making of an appeal to have been justified (whatever the result).

14.4.    Either party to the appeal shall be entitled to require a hearing before adjudicating body.

14.5.    Any party may be represented at a hearing provided that the Association is notified in advance in writing of the intention to be represented.


15.1     A member shall not do or cause to be done anything deliberately harmful to the Association nor likely to bring the Association or the game of table tennis into disrepute.

15.2.    A member shall not without good and sufficient cause absent himself from the Hearing of any allegation or appeal after having been requested with reasonable notice to attend, or refuse to answer any question put to him in connection with such allegation or appeal if the body hearing the allegation or appeal direct him to answer.

16.       SUSPENSION

16.1.    Any Local League, Club, player or official may be suspended from the privilege of membership of this Association under the power created by E.T.T.A. Rules, subject to the right of appeal provided by such Rules. The E.T.T.A. General Secretary will be notified of any suspension under this Rule.

16.2.    Such suspension shall be enforced by all bodies in this county but shall operate only within the jurisdiction of this Association, the suspended person or body being deprived of the privileges of membership of or affiliation to this Association and any Local League or directly affiliated club affiliated to the Association but not of the privileges of membership or of affiliation to the E.T.T.A. enjoyed outside the jurisdiction of this Association.


17.1.    When necessary, the Management Committee of the Association will appoint a disciplinary committee to consist of 3 persons, one of whom shall be designated its Chairman.

17.2.    A decision may be taken by not less than three members all been present throughout the hearing.

17.3.    No person may serve on this Disciplinary Committee having an interest in the matter to be discussed.

17.4.    The Disciplinary Committee shall deal with any allegation under Rule 17.5 of breach of rule or regulation of this Association.

17.5.    Any allegation referred to in rule 17.4 must be made in writing to the General Secretary specifying the rule or regulation alleged to have been broken, the name of the member of organisation alleged to be in breach and the date and placed of alleged breach.

17.6.    The disciplinary Committee shall follow the procedure laid down by the National Council of the E.T.T.A. as included in Appendix E to the rules of the E.T.T.A.

17.7.    If a formal allegation is proved to its satisfaction the Disciplinary Committee shall have power to impose on the member or organisation guilty of such breach, one or more of the following penalties:

17.7.1. that he/she be suspended from the privileges of membership of the Association either indefinitely or for a stated period.

17.7.2. that he/she be fined.

17.7.3. that he/she be censured.

17.7.4. that he/she be dealt with in such other manner as the Disciplinary Committee may think fit.

17.8.    The Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee shall within 7 days of the hearing notify its decision in writing to the General Secretary who shall then notify the member or organisation in writing at the same time sending the member or organisation a copy of Rule 18(Right to Appeal) if the charge has been proved


18.1.    Any individual, club or Local League aggrieved by a decision or action of this Association, or a Committee or Officer of this Association (except the determination of an appeal), may appeal against such decision or action to the Board of Appeal of the E.T.T.A.

18.2.    Any appeal under Rule 18.1 shall be made in writing to the General Secretary of the E.T.T.A. within 21 days of notification of the decision or action appeal against and shall be accompanied by a fee set by the National Council. The fee shall be returned if the adjudicating body consider the making of an appeal to be justified (whatever the result).


In the event of any Question or matter arising which is not provided for in these Rules,it shall be dealt with by the Management Committee.


20.1.    These rules may be changed (whether by addition, alteration or deletion) only by decision of an Annual General Meeting or of a Special General Meeting convened for the purpose.

20.2.    Proposals for such changes to be considered by the next A.G.M. shall be submitted in writing to reach the General Secretary not later than 1st March. All proposals so received shall be circulated to all Local Leagues, Directly Affiliated club and Directly Affiliated Individuals affiliated to the Association by 15th March and amendments or alternative proposals dealing with the same subject matter shall be accepted for consideration by the A.G.M if submitted in writing and received by the General Secretary not later than 7th April.

20.3.    Proposals for such changes to be considered by a Special General Meeting shall be submitted to the General Secretary in writing together with the requisition for the Special General Meeting.

20.4.    Before any resolution altering these Rules shall be declared carried at least two thirds of the total votes cast must be in favour of that resolution.


The Chairman and General Secretary shall be empowered to act in case of emergency


22.1.    Senior Badges Shall be awarded to players who have made a total of four appearances for the County in Senior County Championship matches.

22.2.    Junior Badges Shall be awarded to players who have made three appearances for the County in Junior County Championship matches.


Players chosen to represent the Association in a County Match or exhibition shall wear the official colours of the Association as registered in the County Championships.


24.1     To be eligible to represent the County a player must comply with the E.T.T.A. County Championships regulations regarding qualifications of players.


25.1     Member

(i)         Any person who is a current member of any Association, League or Club affiliated to the Association.                                                                                                                                     

(ii)        Any person who is currently directly affiliated to the Association.

(iii)       And to enter the Senior Tournament that player must have played a total of 5 matches for that body or other body affiliated to the Association in the current season.


Each Local League within the Association shall give ONE month’s notice to the General Secretary of the Association of any Tournament which they intend to stage.

27.       RANKING LIST

Ranking lists will be prepared and maintained for each season.

28.       TROPHIES

All trophies belonging to the Association shall be returned to the Tournament Secretary at least 14 days prior to the date of the next relevant tournament. No trophy shall be taken out of the area administered by the Association without the written permission of the Committee.

Dated:            May 1981

Amended:       February 1991

Amended:       November 2001

Amended:       May 2002

Last Updated:
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