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This is only a rough digest of the TTE calendar & tournament diary, mainly directed towards juniors and cadets, but also including some senior and veterans events. I have highlighted those junior and cadet events to which we are committed or which are reasonable distances to travel. For a more comprehensive guide to tournaments, go to TTE- Play – Competitions – Tournaments/Competition Calendar. Under Tournaments you will also find links to entry forms and details of age groups etc.

Tues/Wed 30/31 Aug 2016 EYS Training- Lilleshall 

Thu 1st – Sun 4th Sept 2016 School Games National Finals - Loughborough University

Sat 3 Sept            Lillington Graded 

Sat/Sun 3/4 Sept               Hunts 2 Star, VETTS N-E Masters – Sunderland

Tues 6 Sept  Junior Coaching resumes at Kidlington Forum

Sat 10th Sept       Burton Uxbridge 2 Star, Senior British League (1) 

Sun 11th Sept       Gloucestershire 2 Star 13/15/18, Senior British League (1)  

Mon 12 Sept   Oxford NJL & NCL teams – practice at Kidlington Forum, 7-9

Sat/Sun 17/18 Sept          Cippenham 4 Star, Veterans British League (1) (+ VNL) – Derby Arena  

Mon 19th Sept         Oxon Veterans practice at Kidlington Forum

Sat 24th Sept       Milton Keynes 2 Star 14/15/16, Nottingham Sycamore 1 Star, Grand Prix (2) Crawley  

Sun 25th Sept        Grand Prix (2) Crawley, Draycott Veterans 1 Star Ratings


Sat/Sun 1/2 Oct                Women’s British League (1) Nottingham University

Sun 2nd Oct          Jarvis Sports Horsham Spinners 2*, Corby Smash Veterans Ratings 1 Star 

Sat 8th Oct     XLNT Sports West Midlands 2 Star, Vets 2 County Champs Kingfisher   

Sun 9th Oct   Cirencester 1 Star 11/12/13, Vets 2 County Champs Kingfisher  

Sat/Sun 15/16 Oct            Grand Prix (3) -Tipton, VETTS Midland Masters - Aldersley

Sat 15th Oct  National Junior League (1)

Sun 16th Oct         BATTS Cadet Series 2 Star

Sat/Sun 22/23 Oct   Jun Br L (1) Derby, 60s County Champs Prem Milton Keynes  

Mon 24th –Thurs 27th Oct EYS Camp - Ormesby

Sat 29th Oct          Milton Keynes 2 Star 16/17/18


Sat 5th Nov          Corby Smash 1 Star  

Sun 6th Nov  National Cadet League (1), BATTS Junior 2 Star, Bristol 1 Star Vets Ratings 

Sat 12th Nov         Burton Uxbridge 1 Star, Senior British League (2)  

Sun 13th Nov       Senior British League (2)  

Sat/Sun 19/20 Nov           Chandlers 4 Star, Grand Prix (4) Blackpool  

Sat/Sun 26/27h Nov         EYS Training-Lilleshall, VETTS Eastern Masters - Norwich 

Sat 26th Nov             National Junior League (2), BATTS Super Series 2 Star  

Sun 27th Nov       Cippenham Super 6 Veterans 2 Star  


Sun 4th Dec               National Cadet League (2)  

Sat 10th Dec        Jarvis Sports Horsham Spinners 2*, Draycott 1 Star

Sun 11th Dec        Senior British League (3) 

Sat 17th Dec        Milton Keynes 2 Star, Cardiff Satellite GP 

Sun 18th Dec        Cardiff Satellite GP, Corby Smash Veterans Ratings 1 Star 

Mon 19 - Thur 22nd Dec   EYS Training - Nottingham 

Tues 27th Dec      Burton Uxbridge 2 Star, Draycott Veterans 1 Star Ratings 



Tues 3rd Jan         Milton Keynes 2 Star

Sat 7th Jan            East Midlands 4 Star  

Sun 8th Jan           East Midlands 4 Star, Jarvis Sports Horsham Spinners 2*

Sat/Sun 14/15 Jan            ESTTA Team Zone Finals, Grand Prix (5) Cleveland  

Sat/Sun 21/22 Jan            Junior British League (2) - Derby Arena   

Sat 21st Jan          Milton Keynes 2 Star   

Sun 22nd Jan             Oxford City Junior Champs, BATTS Cadet Super Series 2 Star  

Sat 28th Jan         EYS Training, Burton Uxbridge 1 Star  

Sun 29th Jan                 EYS Training, National Cadet League (3)    


Sat 4th Feb    National Junior League (3), Women’s British League (2) Huddersfield   

Sun 5th Feb          Women’s British League (2) Huddersfield University  

Sat 11th Feb         Grand Prix (6) – Bath, VETTS Southern Masters 

Sun 12th Feb        SGS College 1 Star, BATTS Super 2 Star, Grand Prix (6) – Bath, VETTS Southern  

Mon 13 – Thu 16 Feb       EYS Camp

Sat 18th Feb         Milton Keynes 2 Star

Sat/Sun 18/19 Feb   Senior County Champs, Cippenham, Vets Br L(2) (+ VNL) Derby

Sat 25th Feb    National Junior League (4), Vets 1 County Champs Halifax

Sun 26th Feb   Vets 1 County Champs Halifax, Cippenham 5 x 2 Senior & Veteran 1 Star   


Fri 3rd Mar – Sun 5th          National Championships  

Sat/Sun 4/5 Mar               ESTTA Regional Finals

Sat 11th Mar             60s County Champs Prem Milton Keynes tbc

Sun 12th Mar            Cirencester 1 Star, 60s County Champs Prem Milton Keynes tbc

Sat 18th Mar        EYS Training, Milton Keynes 2 Star, Senior British League (4)  

Sun 19th Mar       EYS Training, Burton Uxbridge 1 Star, Senior British League (4)  

Monday 20 – Friday 31 Mar        ODTTA Divisionals

Sat 25th Mar        ESTTA National Team Finals, Sycamore 1 Star, Grand Prix (7), VETTS Northern  

Sun 26th Mar            National Cadet League (4), Grand Prix (7), VETTS Northern Masters 


Sat/Sun 1/2 Apr   Inter-Regional Qualifiers, Vets 1 Wellingborough, Vets 2 St Neots   

Sun 2nd Apr          Horsham Spinners 2*, Veterans Ratings - Cardiff

Sun 9th Apr   CITY CHAMPS AND PRESENTATION EVENING                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Mon 10th – Thu 13th Apr EYS Camp  

Easter is 14-17th April

Fri - Sun 14-16 Apr            Jersey Satellite Grand Prix - tbc   

Sat/Sun 22/23 Apr            Cippenham 4 Star, VETTS Western Masters 

Sat 29th Apr         ESTTA Individual Champs – Aldersley, Burgess Hill Satellite Grand Prix  

Sun 30th Apr        Burgess Hill Satellite Grand Prix, Draycott Veterans 1 Star Ratings


1st May Bank Holiday

Sat 6th May          Cadet & Junior National Champs   

Sun 7th May         Cadet & Junior National Champs  

Sat 13th May       EYS Camp, Milton Keynes 2 Star, Nottingham Sycamore 1 Star, VETTS Nationals

Sun 14th May       EYS Camp, Burton Uxbridge 1 Star, VETTS Nationals  

Sat 20th May       Draycott 1 Star, Grand Prix (8) Redbridge  

Sun 21st May       Cirencester 1 Star, Grand Prix (8) Redbridge 

 Sat 27th May      Inter-Regional Finals

Sun 28th May       Inter-Regional Finals, Jarvis Sports Horsham Spinners 2*

Tues 30th May - Fri 2nd June EYS Training    


Sat 3rd Jun            Burton Uxbridge 1 Star

Sat 10th Jun         Cippenham YPSF Cadet 1 Star, Nottingham Sycamore 1 Star

Sun 11th Jun         Jarvis Sports Horsham Spinners 2 *, Cippenham YPSF Junior 1 Star

Sat/Sun 17/18 Jun            10-13 National Championships    

Sat 24th Jun         EYS Training 

Sun 25th Jun         EYS Training, Burton Uxbridge 2 Star 


Sun 2nd Jul            Jarvis Sports Horsham Spinners 2 *  

Sat 8th Jul             Nottingham Sycamore 1 Star 

Sun 9th Jul            Burton Uxbridge 2 Star 

Sat/Sun 15/16 Jul              Junior British League Qualification

Sun 23rd Jul          Burton Uxbridge 2 Star  


 John Birkin (ODTTA/OTTA Committees, City/Forum Junior Team Manager)

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