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Handicap Knock-Out Competition Rules 2017/18

1.     Teams will consist of 3 Players.

2.     Any Player eligible for a League Team, or a qualified reserve under normal League rules, is eligible to play for that Team in any round without affecting League standing. No reserve may play more than 2 rounds in the Knock-Out Competitions.

3.     Each Player will play each Player of the opposing Team in 2 sets up to 21 points. (There will be no 3rd game). With 2 serves each. In an event of deuce, 2 clear points will be needed to win the set. If any team plays an ineligible Player, that Team will concede the match.

4.     Each registered Team will be allocated a Handicap. Points scored for and against will be totalled and team total adjusted by adding the allocated Handicap. The Team with the greatest number of points will be the winner. Handicaps, which cover the whole Team and which are added to the total number of points scored by the entire Team for each round, shall be decided by the Competition Committee. In extenuating circumstances, the committee shall have the right to re-assess Handicaps.

5.     If Teams finish level on points when the Handicap is taken into account, the away team will be deemed the winner. In the final, if both Teams finish level a replay will take place.

6.     Results to be sent to the Honorary General Secretary by the winning captain within 48 hours of the match.

7.     A Competitions Committee shall be responsible for the draw and the running of the competitions.

8.     Match fixtures will be advised to the Club Secretaries concerned.

9.     Time will be set aside within the League programme to play the Handicap matches in both Cup and Plate competitions. Between rounds there will be 3 weeks of normal league fixtures where-ever practicable.

10.  Matches may not be postponed beyond the Friday of the week preceding the next round. If opponents of Teams wishing to postpone competitions fixtures are unable to accept alternative fixture dates, the postponing Team will be eliminated from the competitions and the match awarded to their opponents.

11.  The League Teams have automatic entry to the Knock-Out Cup Competition. Losing first round teams have automatic entry to the Plate, providing that they did not concede the first round match in the Cup Competition.

12.  All game shall be under the Laws of Table Tennis as approved by the ETTA.

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