1. A team shall consist of three players who shall respectively play each member of the opposing team in a match of the best of five games. In addition, one doubles match shall be played. The players in the doubles may or may not be the same ones represented in the singles. A league match shall be decided by the number of individual matches won and lost. The order of play will be: 3 v 2, 1 v 3, 2 v 1, 1 v 2, 3 v 1, 2 v 3, 1 v 1, 2 v 2, 3 v 3, followed by the doubles, unless mutually agreed to play otherwise.
  2. Venues for matches shall be as shown in the League Card or as subsequently notified officially to the Honorary General Secretary. A change in venue may be agreed between the teams concerned. The scoring system will be as follows: one point for each individual match won, i.e. 10-0, 9-1, 8-2 etc.
  3. The season shall commence as designated by the fixture list but will not in any event commence before the third Monday in September.
  4. Team Captains must give 48 hours notice of postponements to opposing team Captains. Unless mutually agreed by both teams, a failure to comply with this procedure may result in maximum points being awarded to the opponents.
  5. If a team fails to attend a fixture without notice, the opposing side will receive maximum points.
  6. In the event of a fixture not being fulfilled by the end of the season, the Management Committee will adjudicate on the match and will consider imposing penalties as per Administration Rule 10.
  7. The Home team shall provide new 40mm Plastic balls approved by the E.T.T.A. for each match.
  8. (a) - The Registration Date shall be the date that the Honorary General Secretary received a written application. Each team shall have a minimum of three players registered before the commencement of the season. Any further registration of a player between the commencement of the season and the 31st December must be received in writing by the Honorary General Secretary at least 48 hours before that player is eligible to play in a match of the league. In addition no registrations will be allowed after 31stDecember except with the approval of the Management Committee. Any player so registered is not eligible to play until seven days after the registration date.
    (b) - While a player may be a member of more than one club, no player may play for more than one club during the season, unless he/she is transferred as a player to another club. A player desiring to transfer must apply in writing to his/her club secretary who must inform the Honorary General Secretary of the Association within three days. Within three days of receipt of such application, the Honorary General Secretary of the Association will inform in writing the secretaries of the two clubs and the player whether the transfer has been sanctioned or not by the Management Committee. The transfer of a team en bloc from one club to another will be considered by the Management Committee on the merits of the case. No transfer of a member as a player between clubs of the Association will be allowed after 31stJanuary and all transfers must be reported to the Management Committee by the Honorary General Secretary.
    (c) - A player must not play for more than one team of his/her club in any one Division of the Association during a season unless previously sanctioned by the Management Committee.
    (d) - A player must play only in the Division for which he/she is registered except that he/she may play in a higher Division on not more than two occasions in any one season unless sanctioned by the Management Committee. A third appearance in a higher Division will result in automatic transfer to that Division. In exceptional circumstances the Management Committee can authorise the transfer of a player to a lower Division.
    (e) - Players wishing to comprise a team consisting entirely of Juniors will only be allowed to do so if that team has a senior person in complete charge and taking full responsibility for the running of that team both during home and away matches. These duties to include transportation to and from matches and general etiquette of all players unless previously sanctioned by the Management Committee.
  9. A League match shall commence a 7.30pm. (1930 hours) unless otherwise stated on the League card. Unless mutually agreed by both teams, the order of play shall be as per Playing Rule 1. Any player who is not available to play as so required shall concede that match. Further matches should continue without due delay. Once all possible matches have been completed, any remaining unplayed are automatically conceded.
  10. If a team plays an ineligible player or players in a League match, the ineligible players matches shall be awarded to their opponents.
  11. Any team not satisfied with the playing conditions may protest to the opposing side before starting the match and can appeal to the Management Committee who will deal with the matter and consider if the match should be replayed.
  12. The Home team shall be responsible for forwarding the official scorecard to the Records Secretary.
  13. If two or more teams have the same number of points, all League positions shall be decided according to the number of League matches won or lost. If two or more teams are still equal for a Divisional Championship there shall be a play-off on a neutral table.
  14. The two surfaces of the racket must be clearly different colours in league matches.
  15. All matches shall be played under the Laws of Table Tennis as approved by the E.T.T.A. including regulation ‘R’ relating to harmful solvents in adhesives.
  16. All matches recorded by the Records Secretary are subject to confirmation by the Management Committee who may override results in circumstances they consider exceptional.
  17. The decision of the Management Committee shall be final in all matters.
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