Somerset Hall Training Update

An update on how we are performing against our target of 15 players per session average.

We have had 6 sessions now so the target was to of had 90 people in total and we are currently at 87 so that is pretty good.

In addition to the monies we collected from the people who prepaid for the sessions we have also raised an additional £122 from people who have paid when they play.

Below is an update of how much credit the prepaid players have left.

Prepaid Credits.pdf

Shout out to Moses & Steve D who have attended every session so far.

All in all a good start but it could be about to get heaps better :)

Through Dave G's contacts at the Gordano Sports Hall we have been offered a fantastic deal to move our operations to the new Sports Hall there. The deal would mean we get the whole hall from 5pm - 8pm and yet only pay half the price that we currently pay at Somerset Hall :) Major shout out to Dave for starting this conversation with them. I am just confirming that we will be able to store all the kit and then all being well I will do the deal. Until further notice there is no change to the sessions at Somerset Hall (check under important dates for schedule) but if we do move I will let everyone know when it is going to happen. 




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