Winter 2018-19 > Team Captains
Team Contact Home Night
Division 1
Knowle Rovers Monday
PTTC Black Thursday
Cowplain Cocktails Wednesday
Generation Aces Wednesday
Phoenix Satellites Monday
Generation Jacks Wednesday
PTTC Purple Thursday
PTTC Crimson Thursday
Generation Kings Wednesday
Soberton and Newtown A Wednesday
PTTC Scarlet Thursday
Division 2
Cowplain Alexandra Tuesday
Knowle Green Monday
Cowplain Yellow Wednesday
Avenue Dodos Friday
PTTC Red Thursday
Knowle Tenacity Monday
Knowle Valiant Monday
Knowle Puffins Monday
Emsworth Eagles
PTTC Cherry Thursday
Division 3
Cowplain Crimson Tuesday
St Clares Swifts Thursday
PTTC Cobalt Thursday
Emsworth Seagulls Wednesday
Sporting St Clares Tuesday
Phoenix Pluto Monday
Empower Phoenix Perseus Wednesday
PWC Red Thursday
Soberton And Newtown B Wednesday
Phoenix Saturn Monday
Division 4
PWC Black Tuesday
Empower Phoenix Athena Wednesday
Knowle Victory Monday
Emsworth Oysters Wednesday
PTTC Azure Thursday
PWC Gold Tuesday
Eastoke Leopards Tuesday
Cowplain Emerald Wednesday
Emsworth Bluebell Pirates Wednesday
Avenue Swifts Wednesday
Phoenix Jupiter Monday
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