After Week 7

With just 3 weeks to go before the half way stage, teams with hopes of top honours and promotion are beginning to emerge. Whilst the Norton A and B teams top the Premier Division, they will not meet for another three weeks. Next week Norton B face 3rd placed Bradwell A, whilst the A team have a match against Penkhull B. Down at the bottom are Kidsgrove B, but the Bradwell B & C teams are only 1 point ahead. Next week Kidsgrove B travel to meet Norton C, whilst the two Bradwell teams have home matches against Penkhull and Kidsgrove. In the averages for the Premier Division, Mark Evans and Dave Savage from Norton A and Chris Bailey from Norton B, all still have 100% records, but Bradwell’s Gareth Dunn has split the Norton A & B team players, coming in at 6th.

MESC B still hold top spot in Division 1 after being pushed to a 6-4 win over Penkhull C, whose Andy Smith took the maximum, but two each from Alan McDonald and Danny Sullivan, who teamed up to take the doubles, keep them just ahead on sets averages. The Norton E and D teams share the points with MESC B and next week sees another tough match for MESC B when they play hosts on Thursday to the Norton D side. Down at the bottom are Kidsgrove D, but just two points above them are Bradwell F and these two meet at Bradwell on Thursday, so they both have everything to play for. In the Divisional averages with players having played at least half of the matches, only Neil Colville from Bradwell F still has a 100% records, with Kidsgrove C’s Edy Barbatel in second spot, closely followed by Tony Stanway and Cyril Merriman, both from Norton D.

Norton K are 2 points ahead of the rest with Lucie and Molly Hancock and Ron Warman clocking up great wins in Division 2 with a maximum from both Molly and Rob and 2 from Lucie giving them an 8-2 win over MESC F. Two points behind are MESC D and Norton H. MESC D had a cracking 9-1 win over the lads from Norton J, whilst Norton H’s team of Paul Lord, Stephen Stirland and Roy Barber clocked up an 8-2 win over Penkhull E, thanks to maximums from Paul and Stephen. There was a great draw for Bradwell G against 4th placed MESC E with Robert Copeland gaining a maximum. Norton K’s Rob Warman is one of two players with 100% records in this Division with Patrick Hall from the MESC D team being the other, but Norton H’s Paul Lord has over 90% in third spot. 

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