After Week 14

Illness and injury seems to be hitting almost every team in the league and some clubs are struggling to find players to make up the numbers in all their teams, often at the last minute. This results in some surprising results and scores, but it has to be expected in the winter months.

In the Premier Division, the Norton B and A teams are in that order and are now some 7 points ahead of the rest. Bradwell A are still third, despite being held to a draw by Kidsgrove A, but they were without Tony Jeynes and Gareth Dunn saved the day as player of the match with a maximum 3. After a 9-1 win over Kidsgrove B,  Penkhull A are now only 2 points behind in fourth place and Bradwell A visit Penkhull’s venue on Wednesday and Penkhull will be hoping to reverse their 4-6 loss last time out.

Division 1 saw Norton E leap to a 4 point lead, after second placed MESC B were held to a draw by the Norton F team, despite a maximum by Danny Sullivan, but the two each from Norton’s Geoff Ainsworth and Peter Smith and the one from Paul Dunning  secured the draw. Norton D were forced to concede due to injury and transport problems, but they remain in 3rd spot. The two Kidsgrove teams are struggling and look likely to both be relegated, as Penkhull D are now 7 points clear of the Kidsgrove C team.

MESC D and Norton K march onwards in Division 2 sharing the points and are now 3 ahead of Norton J in third place. Whilst the MESD D team had a 9-1 win, Norton K were pushed all the way by their own G team and it was only on the last game of the night that saw Lucie Hancock overcome Nick Heath to give the K team a 6-4 win. Next Tuesday sees the Norton K team hosts to the MESC D team for the top of the table clash and both teams will be wanting to gain a win rather than the draw they had in the first half of the season.

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