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Norton's B team of Paul Malkin, Chris Bailey and Neil Hough, not only beat their own A team of Brian Johns, Mark Evans and Dave Savage, to take the title in the Premier Division, but did it again in the Sentinel Cup Final. Two of the B team players, Paul Malkin and Chris Bailey, also took the top two places in the Premium Division averages. Dave Savage from the A team came next in the averages, with the Norton teams taking the top 6 places. Steve Stringer from Crewe Post Office was just behind, followed by Bradwell’s Gareth Dunn and then Ferenc Horvai from Penkhull, all with over a 70% average.

In Division 1, Norton D came good and defeated the MESC B team of Alan McDonald, Danny Sullivan and Gary Holland by 8-2, giving the Divisional title to their own E team and ending up themselves in 3rd spot. Topping the averages by a great margin with a 97.96% average is Neil Colville from Norton B took the honours in both the Sentinel Cup Final and Premier League, overtaking their own Bradwell F, but next in line with a 79.25% average is Cyril Merriman and Tony Stanway, both of Norton D, closely following. Among other players with over a 70% average were Edy Barbatel from Kidsgrove C, whose team were relegated; Ken Perry from Bradwell E; Cliff Bell and Paul Lord from Norton E and Danny Sullivan and Alan McDonald from MESC B. Both the Norton E and MESC E teams are promoted.

Division 2 was topped by the very strong team of Lucie and Molly Hancock and Rob Warman, with the teams only loss being when two of their players were unavailable and they, along with the MESC C’s 4 man squad of Les Willis, John Cooper, Tim O’Grady and Nathan Brindley are promoted. Rob Warman topped the averages, with Les Willis next and Patrick Hall from the MESC D team, followed up, all with over 87% averages.  John Cooper; Molly Hancock and MESC D’s John Riley all had over an 80% average. The Norton and MESC teams took the top 11places in the averages, but in 12th spot was newcomer George El-Nimr from Kidsgrove E, followed by yet another 7 Norton and MESC players.

The AGM, with quite a few proposed League Rule changes, will be early in May and it is a reminder that if a change goes through that you don’t like, don’t complain if you didn’t attend.

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