League Rules 1-7

1. Name

The Name of the League shall be “The Potteries and District Table Tennis League.


2. Object

The object of the League shall be the promotion of Table Tennis within the city of Stoke on Trent and District.


3. Officials

The Officials of the League shall be appointed annually and shall consist of President,  Chairman,  Vice-Chairman,  General Secretary,  Treasurer,  Results Secretary and Assistant Results Secretary.  These officials shall be empowered to make temporary rulings, if necessary outside the normal Executive Committee meeting. To be fully operative, such rulings must be ratified by the next Executive Committee Meeting and will take effect retrospectively from the date of the Officials temporary ruling.


4. Executive Committee

The affairs of the League shall be in the hands of the Officials of the League, plus a representative from each club, to be known as the Executive Committee.  Competition Secretaries as required will be chosen from its members.  The Executive Committee shall meet at least every six weeks during the season and its decisions in all cases shall be binding. Six shall form a quorum at meetings of the Executive Committee.


5. Extra – Ordinary League Meetings

An Extra-Ordinary League Meeting shall be called by the Secretary if either

     (a)   A request is received signed by the Secretaries of at least one-third of the Association's affiliated Clubs or

      (b)  By resolution of the Executive General Committee.

All registered players are entitled to attend and vote.


6. Annual General Meeting

a.            An Annual General Meeting shall be held in May each year, at which all registered members are entitled to vote.

b.            Each Club shall send at least one representative who must register within 30 minutes of the stipulated commencement. Failure to do so will entail a fine of £5 – 00.

c.            Nominations for officials and members of the Executive Committee and proposals to alter League Rules, proposed and seconded, shall be received by the end of February.  Proposals will be circulated by the end of March and amendments, proposed and seconded are to be received by 15th April. No amendments which change the intent of any rule will be accepted on the night of the AGM, though changes and additions to wording, for clarification purposes only can be accepted subject to the majority view.


7. League Fees

a.            The League Fees shall be as follows:  Affiliation fee to be paid to the League  £30.00 per team, League Entrance fee £2.00 per club.  (Plus TTE individual players registration to be paid direct to the TTE)  All of which must be paid by 1st September.

b.            Clubs failing to pay by 1st September will incur a fine of £10. 00, and then be subject to rule 14 for all teams in that club.

c.            Clubs withdrawing a team from the League after the compilation of the divisions and fixtures, or at any time during the season, may, in addition, incur a fine equivalent to the appropriate league fee for that team.


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