League Rules 10 - 12


10.  Match arrangements

               A team shall consist of up to five players and matches shall be played on the sets system, each the best of five games.  The order of play shall be as follows:    1)   1 v 1,  2)   2 v 2,   3)   3 v 3,   4)  Dbls,   5)   2 v 1,  6)   1 v 3,  7)   3 v 2,   8)   2 v 3,   9)   3 v 1,   10)   1 v 2.                    

               unless by prior arrangement of both captains. Clubs having more than three players registered for a particular team shall be permitted to use their additional players in the doubles set of the match if they so desire. The result of a match shall be decided on the number of sets won. Two merit points  shall be awarded for a win and one point for a draw. The team scoring the highest number of merit points in each division shall be declared the champion team of that division and shall be awarded the trophy thereof.                                      

                              The laws of table tennis as laid down by the T.T.E. shall apply to all league games, along with the additional regulation from the I.T.T.F. detailed in (c). A racket (bat)  shall not be replaced during an individual match (set) unless it is accidentally damaged so badly that it cannot be used. If this happens the damaged racket (bat) shall be replaced immediately by another which the player has brought with him / her to the playing area or one which is handed to him / her in the playing area.

               The home team captain shall be responsible for the match arrangements. The Captains shall appoint an umpire before the start of each set.  Umpiring shall be undertaken alternatively by members of each team with the home team umpiring the first match.

               The ball provided shall be PLASTIC and one approved by the T.T.E. and shall be of 3 star classification. Orange balls to be used in venues where the colour of the walls does not concur with the Table Tennis England directive on table tennis rooms/halls.  

               League games shall commence by 7.30pm and the first set may be claimed if no player is ready to play at that time. Further sets may be claimed at the rate of one set per ten minutes for as long as there is no player ready to play. If no player is ready to play by 8.00pm the opposing side should claim the points and the defaulting team will be fined £5.00.

               Visiting players shall be allowed up to 3 minutes practice with a member of his / her team immediately prior to their first set.

               The result of the match shall be forwarded to the Results Secretary  by the home team, to be received no later than 10am the Wednesday following the previous weeks match. Failure to do so will incur a fine of £1


                Teams fielding less than three players in four matches, including conceded matches,  shall have one point deducted each time this occurs thereafter.

                 If a match is to be played on two tables the following playing conditions and arrangements shall apply:

1.                The two tables used should be of the same make and model.

2.                The balls used on each table shall be a minimum of 3 stars and of the same make and star rating

3.                Play will start with 1 v 1 (table 1), and 2 v 2 (table 2) at the same time, then 3 v 3 (table 2) on one table. Then the doubles (table 1), followed by 2 v 1 (table 1) and 1 v 3 (table 2), at the same time, then 3 v 2 on (table 2). Finally 2 v 3 (table 2) and 3 v 1 on (table 1) at the same time, followed by   1 v 2 (table 2) [see the illustration below which should make this clear.]

4.                To avoid player 3 having to play 3 games in succession, away teams are asked to utilise player 1 & 2 in the doubles.

5.                If a set is completed on one table the next set should not commence on that table until the set on the other table is completed. This is to ensure that the players still competing in the set still being played are not disrupted during play.  

             All clubs are expected to maintain a good standard of cleanliness and to use/improve facilities wherever possible, to reach the minimum standards laid down by the T.T.E. in there latest handbook (1978 – 1979).  Clubs reported for non compliance with the above will be inspected by the Executive Committee who will decide what action should be taken.


11,Format of Divisions.

  1. Each division will consist of such number of teams not exceeding fourteen, as the Executive Committee shall decide.
  2. With the exception of the Premier Division, the two highest placed teams in each division will be promoted to the next higher division the following season. With the exception  of the lowest division, the two lowest placed teams in each division will be relegated to the next lowest division the following season. Teams withdrawing at any time between one year and the next will be counted as a relegated or lowest placed team.
  3. Promotion and relegation will be based on the number of  merit points and in the event of a tie the promotion and relegation shall be decided on the sets difference. In the event of teams equal on points and sets then the position to be decided by a play off at a neutral venue. If the play off  results in a draw, the winner will be decided on games difference or, if necessary, on points difference.
  4. The constitution of the divisions will be derived from following the above rules, but then may be changed to obtain a sensible arrangement based on the teams participating. The changes will be made at the discretion of the Executive Committee and will be subject to the committee’s approval.


12,  Fixtures.

a.     The arrangements of fixtures shall be in the hands of the Executive Committee. League matches shall be on the home and away basis by the end of the specified fixture week. They shall be played at the venues stated unless by agreed by both teams concerned.

b.     Fixtures in respect of any team withdrawing during the season shall be declared void.

c.     Clubs having no match night stated in the league handbook must notify the General Secretary before the start of the season of a home night, and their visitors at least fourteen days before the date of the appropriate match. Prior permission from the Executive Committee must be obtained must be obtained for any changes during the season. Once permission has been granted they must notify visitors of the changes as above. Notification in a league circular does not absolve teams from this responsibility.

d.     Where opponents attend on the wrong evening, or at the wrong venue, due to non-compliance with rule 12c, a fine of £10.00 will be imposed on the home team. The match shall be re-arranged or declared void at the Executive Committees discretion.

e.     Any team conceding four or more fixtures during a season will be relegated.


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