Sentinel Cup Rules

1. The competition to be open to all clubs in the circulation area of the Evening Sentinel who are affiliated to the E.T.T.A. either directly or through their League.

2. The event shall be for teams of three players, each player playing a set, best of three games, against each of his opponents. The order of play being:

    1) 1v1, 2) 2v2, 3) 3v3, 4) 2v1
    5) 1v3, 6) 3v2, 7) 2v3, 8) 3v1, 9) 1v2

unless by prior agreement of both team captains. The continuation of the match after one side has won five sets to be mutually arranged between the two captains.

3. Team entries are to be accompanied by the names of the players (minimum of three per team) who will represent that team during the competition. No substitutes or changes will be allowed without the prior consent of the Sentinel Cup Secretary.

4. A club may only select its team from players who have represented that club in at least a third of its scheduled league matches before the cup fixture, unless permission has been obtained from the competition secretary. Once a player has played for a team, he is not eligible to play for another team during the same season.

5. Teams competing in the Premier Division of the league will have automatic entry. However, teams not wishing to enter should inform the competition secretary before October 7th. Other teams to apply to the competition secretary by October 7th.

6. For match arrangements, the Potteries and District Table Tennis League rules 10b, c, d, e, f, and g shall apply. The winning team shall be responsible for sending in the scorecard and the league shall be responsible for the semi-finals and final.

7. In the event of any dispute, the Executive Committee of the Potteries and District Table Tennis League shall act as competition committee whose decisions shall be binding.

8. The draw shall be carried out for all rounds at the beginning of the tournament season and published then.

9. There shall be four free weeks within the normal fixture list, not counting the period between Christmas and New Year, and the first four rounds of the tournament shall be played in or before those weeks. In case of exceptional circumstance clubs may appeal to the tournament secretary or in the last resort to the Executive Committee, if they wish for an extension.

10. Notwithstanding Rule 9 above, all games must be played by the dates stipulated by the tournament secretary. Clubs may appeal to the Executive Committee if they wish for an extension. Only in exceptional circumstances shall an extension be granted.


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