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The Winning Edge - New free table tennis magazine from Table Tennis England

Table Tennis England is getting their act together by providing help and support and information we can all use and share with other table tennis players, or people simply interesting in taking up the sport. This is the magazine they've started to produce and it's available on Table Tennis Englands Website - well worth checking out and it's free!

This is what Paul Stimpson from Table Tennis England had to say about "The Winning Edge" Issue 2 on Table Tennis Englands website - for the record, if you haven't got that website bookmarked, I'd recommend you do and have a good look around it.  There interesting articles and help on that website and it's one of the things that our Table Tennis England fees go towards! 

"The Winning Edge – Issue 2 out now!

The latest issue of our coaching magazine, The Winning Edge, is out now!

As well as news updates and expert views, it includes some great features designed to help coaches develop their skills and get them thinking about how to develop their players.

Among the features in this edition is a thought-provoking series of articles on how table tennis can help people conquer mental health problems – and how one coach has done just that and is now helping others.

Lessons learned from a trip to China, developing game sense, and the positive impact of table tennis on people with Alzheimer’s and dementia are also featured.

This really is a must-read for coaches – and you can do so by clicking here

Paul Stimpson
December 1, 2015"

Author: via Preston Table Tennis League
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