St Augustines Centre - Player Responsibilities

Reminder for everyone when playing at the St Augustine Centre


We have received a request that players be reminded that all matches at the St Augustine's Centre must be finished by 22:45 at the latest.


All teams should assess the situation with their matches around 22:00. If it looks like your match will not finish by 22:45 you must seek to play your remaining matches using any vacant table from a match that has already finished.


When your match has finished, please:

  • check with other teams to see if they will need to use your table to complete their matches
  • respect those players who are still playing by keeping noise down to a minimum
  • where possible put away your chairs, scoring equipment, playing table (if it's not going to be used for another match) or if this is not possible to put your equipment away, prepare that equipment for putting away by folding it up.
  • dispose of any rubbish in the bins in the hall or office, or take your rubbish home with you


Players are also reminded of rules

(8g)  The home team shall arrange for the table to be made available to the visiting team so they can have 15 minutes practice immediately prior to the start of their match.


(8h)  No practice can be claimed by either team after the start of their match.

We as a league, have a good working relationships with Newman College and Preston City Council. We do not want to jeopardise that relationship.


Thank you.

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