2016-17 Winter League Fixtures and Divisions Announced

Preston Table Tennis Increases the number of teams in each division!

The PTTA's aim is to promote public interest in the game of Table Tennis and good fellowship amongst its members.  Thanks to:

  • excellent facilities,
  • a strong coaching and social programme
  • dedicated support from volunteers including Committee members, helpers and club chairmen/captains
  • the increased demand in playing competitive table tennis in Preston in excellent facilities and
  • a hard working MRC and support team
  • partnerships we've forged with our TT partners, Cardinal Newman College, Preston City Council and the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN)

your league is proud to announce that for the first time in many years we are able to increase the number of teams in each Division to 13.  In particular we are pleased to welcome a new club - UCLAN - who are one of our main TT Partners in promotting table tennis in Preston. 

Much thought and consideration went in to the MRC deciding which teams should compete in which Division and it was not an easy decision. Our move to 13 teams represents a huge amount of trust by the league in Clubs and Captains to ensure teams fulfil all their fixtures and do so with a full team. Please please respect that trust and your opponents and ensure that:

  • your team has enough players to complete all your fixutures and
  • players know when and where they are playing

If you have team members who do not access the internet, please ensure they know when their fixtures are, or even better, encourage them to use our website. It holds masses of useful information.

All the information about which teams play in which Division and the Cup draws have been updated on the website by Andrew White. Now is the time to check who you play, where they play and when you play them and plan accordingly

If you want to know who's in what Division and what your league fixtures are, search under the Tab titled "Fixtures & Results / Winter 2016-17" on our main home page.

If you want to know who you play in which cup and when those fixtures have to be played, search under the Tab "Cup Fixtures 2016-17" on our main home page. All the cup competitions and the early draws are shown there.

Thank you for participating in the Preston Table Tennis League. Have fun, whether that's winning, competiting, , training hard, having a laugh with mates or trying to get/stay fit.

Table tennis: A sport for all ages and all abilities and one of the best places to do play table tennis is right here in Preston.

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