Divisional Singles Next Week

It's that time of year when we prepare to turn up like finely tuned engines, raring to go or perhaps hobble in with excuses at the ready - aches, pains, serving, dodgy equipment or just plain hungry!


tn_Chris N1


It will be group format again with the competitors in each group being displayed at the venue.  Because of late entries and withdrawls, it is difficult for our organisors to confirm what the groups will be before hand. The winners from each group will progress. Depending on how many groups there are will determine if the winners of each group go straight through to the semi-finals or quarter-finals.


Matches will start at 7:15 so make sure you're down earlier to help set up and warm up for your games.


Make sure you know before your matches are played, what will happen if 2 or more players top the group with the same number of wins.


If you've any questions or want to volunteer to help run the competitions on the night, please contact either Tony Rigby or Andrew White.


This year I'm intending to film the semi-finals and finals of each competition. If you don't want to be filmed, please let me know before the night of the match (pathfinderpro@virginmedia.com) as it will save me either coming down at all, or lugging my cameras down.


Thanks and have fun!!!



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