2017 Summer League is coming soon

News and Events:

  1. The Centre is open for practice on Wednesday 26th April 7pm / 10:30pm. Please be advised, the outstanding Handicap Cup Final between Deepdale A and Jacobaeus A will also be taking place on this night so not all the tables will be available and we'd ask you to respect match order.
  2. Friday social sessions resume after the Easter break 7pm / 9:45pm and conitinue throughout spring/summer. (social/practice)
  3. The Lancashire and Cheshire cup finals are being played at The Hilton centre, Horwich on Thursday 27th April.  We have a Vetts team in the Handicap final -  Kieron Beswick, Martin Shaw and John Porter.
  4. Summer league details: Click on the "FIXTURES & RESULTS" menu to access all the dteails you need for Summer 2017 including, Tables, Fixtures (1st round of matches), Player Averages and Results. By clicking on each teams name within the league tables you'll be able to see which players are signed up to play for those teams.  If you want email notification of the results and fixtures, please contact your team captain. Barry Crook already forwards this information on to the team captains.
  5. Ranking list. Please note, our league now uses the automated ranking list which is calculated by TableTennis365 based on a players results, the strength of their opponent and the standard of competition the match was played in. Click on a person's name in the ranking list to see a list of all their results this season and how the result affected their ranking (plus points for a win, minus points for a loss). Hover your mouse over an opponents name to see what competition the match was played in. Click on the "link / score card" for more details about game scores during the match.

If you want to know what your league and national ranking is, you'll need to find your name via the "league table / team" you play for, click on your name to open up your player statistics and then hover your mouse over your "rank" in the statisics section.



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