Division One Cup Fixtures

Preliminary Round

These fixtures must be completed by the end of Week 6 or both teams will forfeit. Table availability will be shown on the notice board at St Augustine's.

No.     Home Team     Score     Away Team     Score
1Gryf B4Jacobeaus B5
2Deepdale C1Ashton MC A8
3Astra E1Chorley8
4Astra D5Riverside C1
5Riverside D2Riverside B7


Round One - WC 3rd October 2016 (Week 6)

No.     Home Team     Score     Away Team     Score     
6Garstang B0Ashton MC B9
7Deepdale B5Jacobaeus B2
8Ashton MC A7Chorley2
9Astra D4Riverside B5


Semi Finals - Mon 20th March 2017

No.Home Team      ScoreAway Team      Score
10Ashton MC B0Deepdale B6
11Ashton MC A4Riverside B5


Final - Wed 12th April 2017

No.   Home Team   Score   Away Team   Score   
12Deepdale B5Riverside B2

Winners of the 2016-17 Division One Cup are Deepdale B

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